This Was A Bad Hint, Xbox Mission Department

In Japan, there have been a series of ads with the Xbox Mission Department. It is their job to secure new titles. Well, in the ads at least!

At the end of a recent one, they gave a hint as to what title was next.

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FACTUAL evidence3254d ago

I knew that it had something to do with a mech.

bjornbear3255d ago

isn't too hard, just follow the lines! xD

gaffyh3255d ago

Who gives a crap about Virtual-On? I never even heard of it till now.

Elven63255d ago

Were you gaming in the 90s? It's basically a mech battle game, Virtual On was a really popular and active franchise then [90s], been kind of dormant as of late though. It's really popular in Japan.

mcgrawgamer3255d ago

Friend that first sentence was uncalled for frankly. Virtual-On was mech warriors before mech warriors...for me at least. Who gives a crap about it? the plethora of gamers over the age of 27 who remember this series be it in the arcades, on the pc, the saturn, dreamcast, or "GASP" the ps2.

badz1493254d ago

I played it a lot several years back and beside Macross, it was the only mech game I like!

crapgamer3255d ago

Well at least their top tier games don't get "Outed" early. I remember the game from the 90's though, kind of a Gundam thing or something?

FragMnTagM3255d ago

I saw that crap at least a year ago.

GameOn3255d ago

but we didn't know what it was a year ago.

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