Announced on PC, exclusively on console - Why do PC gamers get penalized?

Writer Alan Wake is a pretty scary adventure sure to be seen on both platforms released.
In fact, the same action-adventure appeared but only for the Xbox 360
The PC version was rejected in February early this year.

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Pandamobile3074d ago

Because Mircrosoft's gaming division is full of retards.

captain-obvious3074d ago (Edited 3074d ago )

MS could've easily overtake and deep six valve's steam
but no
as you said they are retards

they ignored a platform that they own and got an install base of maybe billions and gone after consoles
something that they don’t know much about
add to that that there is already good gaming companies in the picture

and add to that stam is way to big now to take down
so yes MS did a bad move

RageAgainstTheMShine3074d ago (Edited 3074d ago )

Microsoft wont make their own exclusive games on the PC or Xbox180 because they want their games pirated either way and lose a lot of revenue, right Epic Games?

Microsoft has now becoming a conflicted company like Sega.
Anything that has the Microsoft name in it is screwed and plagued by pirates.
Whether you release your new game, great game or bad game on PC or Xbox180, there is 1000% the pirates will be there waiting to SWIPE it.

They say between the PC and Xbox180 of any game PC will be pirated the most because the console games have a more closed market.

HolyOrangeCows3074d ago

It's simple: Microsoft wants you to buy a brokebox, pay for LIVE, and $10 more per game.

Chris_TC3074d ago

I'm certainly not going to buy me one of these plasticky XBoxes. It wouldn't fit in too well:

Darkfocus3074d ago

man I wish I had your setup

3074d ago
JsonHenry3074d ago

It will come out for the PC. No worries. Just you wait and see. Just like GTAIV did. Just like Darksiders. Just like a million other games this console generation it will come out for the PC. Better late than never. And as usual it will cost $10 less and have better visuals.

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B-Real2063074d ago

They want you to buy an xbox if you don't have one. No punishment they want market penetration.....*snicker*...uh yeah.

Cevapi883074d ago

its basically having the ability to claim it as an EXCLUSIVE 360 title....even though a great game like Mass Effect is console exclusive to the 360...millions of PC gamers can still enjoy the game which i am one of

Redempteur3074d ago

like fable 3 alan wake will make his way on pc months after the initial release to ensure they won't get anymore sells on the 360 version ...

that's how m£ decided to do it

Darkfocus3074d ago

isn't fable 3 coming out the same day as the xbox version though?

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