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Game Critics: A number of my friends wondered why Sega chose to release Resonance of Fate so close to Final Fantasy XIII. At the time it seemed plausible that they were being ballsy, or even overconfident, firm in their belief that a new property could take on the Japanese role-playing game (JRPG) juggernaut.

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hatchimatchi3259d ago

Can someone please explain to me why jrpg's always get bashed for having cliche characters and stories?

Every freaking FPS available either features some faceless army sergeant or a space marine, they never seem to get trounced though.

The double standard and hypocrisy is amazing.

ironfist923259d ago

Welcome to gaming. Its cruel, unforgiving, and the only happiness you see are of the publishing giants.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO3259d ago (Edited 3259d ago )

Depends where is the Author from. If he is from America, that score makes sense. America loves FPS Games, they don't care about the differences.

JRPG is not like principal genre for America.

Cold 20003258d ago (Edited 3258d ago )

for the simple reason that story and characters are extremely important in a jrpg whereas a good fps doesnt need deep or interesting characters.

So I understand why some reviewers nasj jrpg's for cliché characters, I myself am a jrpg player and theres nothing more annoying in a jrpg than bland, cliché characters and stories.

@alfaxad: Thats why FF13 sold more in the USA than in the EU, and its the same for all FF's. You see thats just a cliché in your mind and you speak without having a clue what you're talking about. (no I'm not American)

wicko3258d ago

The sad part is that Resonance of Fate's characters are pretty far from clichéd. The game is pretty hilarious, although at times it takes itself too seriously (but not nearly as serious as FFXIII does). The characters were extremely likable in my opinion (at least when I set the voice options to Japanese). It's got some typically outrageous characters you'd normally expect from the Japanese but they are pretty hilarious.

Reading this review just tells me this guy does not play JRPGs nor does he have an interest in Japanese media. If you like RPGs and crazy Japanese err.. craziness, don't hesitate to pick this up.

Homicide3258d ago

"Can someone please explain to me why jrpg's always get bashed for having cliche characters and stories?"

I don't see where the reviewer states that the characters & story are cliche; he didn't like the characters because they were uninteresting. Also, he criticizes the plot for having many irrelevant chapters/events which is true. Only about two or three actually play a role in the story; the rest are random fetch quests.

My main complaint with RoF is that the gameplay never evolves; it stays the same throughout the whole game. At first, I was liking it, but after 30 hours, its repetitiveness started to wear me out.

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N4PS3G3259d ago

Is there a game this guys enjoy??

Alan Wake - 6.5/10
Heavy Rain - 4/10
Mass Effect 2 - 7.5/10
Killzone 2 - 7/10
Assasins Creed 2 - 5.5/10

JD_Shadow3258d ago (Edited 3258d ago )

"Heavy Rain - 4/10"

I would LOVE to see the reason for THAT one!

EDIT: Just looked at the site. Where do you find what score they gave a game? I'm having a real hard time locating where they actually give any numerical scores.

Strange_Evil3258d ago

They take the word 'Critics' in their site name too seriously... 4 for Heavy Rain and 7.5 for ME2!!!!!! What BS, both are easily a 9 game and so are KZ2 and AC2 (haven't played AW yet so can't judge that 1)...

klado3258d ago

Are critics...hello! lol.

Parapraxis3258d ago

They seem to be more like trolls. seems right to me.

young juice3258d ago ROFL a site that looks up to or should i say no, alrighty then.

ThanatosDMC3258d ago

Nope, doesnt look like it.

Tomdc3258d ago

They exist solely to criticise all games prehaps?

callahan093258d ago

I agree, this site has always been hyper-critical. They give tons of games that I love absolutely horrible scores, it doesn't seem like they even like video games.

That said, I absolutely HATED Resonance of Fate. But it still probably deserves more credit than 3.5 out of 10.

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-Mezzo-3259d ago

Giving Lowers scores to great titles, is the oldest trick in th book for Cheap Hits.

Son_Lee3259d ago

I prefer JRPGs to WRPGs, because I don't like decisions effecting a game. I'm perfectly fine with how it used to be, take FFVII for example. You would occasionally have a couple of choices for a response, and I enjoyed that immensely.

Give me a great story with well developed characters any day of the week.

True, the genre has its cliches, but every genre does.

hatchimatchi3259d ago

so true.

I love how reviewers act like jrpgs are irrelevant and worthless.

JRPG's have a huge dedicated fanbase and the majority of us like the way they are and don't want drastic changes to be made.

militant073258d ago

I love JRPGs more than WRPG but Mass Effect changed my mine
and lately were only getting trash JRGPs

from star ocean 4,last remnant,infinite to this game.

zatrox3258d ago

That's IF Resonance of Fate was a crappy game.
The only problem I saw in it was not enough conversations/cutscenes.

militant073258d ago

idk but IMO
star ocean 4 has very stupid characters, a story that 5 years old girl can write better, boring, and its called star ocean ,really??! there is only 3 planets as far as i remember from my playthrough.

final fantasy 13, had stupid story, stupid characters, amazing graphic, bad music, extremly linear same shit over and over again ( battle, cut scene, battles, cut scene, battels cut scene over and over again!)

and that same with others like infinite and last remnant

zatrox3258d ago (Edited 3258d ago )

Well, I see your point. But even when some parts of say, Valkyria chronicles story were kinda stupid, the whole war theme was pretty well done, and the ending was great. Same with Folklore, a pretty underrated game. Nier story was something I rarely see, it was greatly well done, Strange Journey was great as well, TWEWY, etc. RoF is more about the gameplay, but the bits of story it had were okay/kinda good. So your point of "we're getting only trash JRPGs" isn't really all that valid, there ARE some great JRPGs out there.

-IronMan-3258d ago (Edited 3258d ago )

Must be an Edge Magazine Review. Oh wait....

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