Bungie: If Halo DS existed it wasn't from us

Last week at E3 had a casual chat with Brian Gerard and Frank O'Connor from Bungie. They started talking about Halo 3 and they are proud that it's on Famitsu's top 20 list. The Famitsu guys loved how the turrets can have a third person view. Soon the chat deviated from Halo 3's increased accessibility to their relationship with Team Ninja and later Halo DS. The short story is it may be real, but it isn't from Bungie.

S: I think I'm going to ask the forbidden question... was there ever Halo for the DS?

FO: I believe we got pitched for it several times.

BG: Every once in awhile it comes up. Somebody out there some developer pitches and tries to make it happen.

FO: Microsoft does publish DS games or licenses them, I think to THQ.

BG: It's very likely that somebody at some point in time created a prototype and tried to pitch it.

So there you have it! Halo does exist somewhere in miniature form...and it's calling your name, softly.

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PS360WII5428d ago

heh well here I thought they would of made the rumor go away but they just strengthened it...

Ravenator5295428d ago

But its also a rumor that I wouldn't mind seeing come true!

A portable Halo would be quite nice!

power of Green 5428d ago

How can Halo be on any other platform?. lol You do the math. Kind of silly PS3 fanboys shouldn't post 360 news, debunking or not.

VirusE5428d ago

MS has made another game for the gameboy so its possible. Bungie never spills the beans on ANYTHING so you cant trust their word at all. That being said i highly doubt it will happen

bootsielon5428d ago

...and some humble pie for desert. Just for spite.