The greatest gaming tattoo ever is here now

PS3Addiction.com writes:

"Gaming tattoos have been around since the invention of gaming itself. From legendary Mario memoribilia to the lame and scary logos and Sonic renditions, gaming and tattoos have been a very expressive form of the hardcore gamer.

However, it isn't until now that we have seen some truly unique and bold ink brought to life that truly captures the spirit of gaming..."

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- Ghost of Sparta -5115d ago

...And it closely resembles a disgusting, infected gash, soon to be the result of gangrene which will only lead to having his torso removed.

I agree with you, this is epic, in a fail way.

Chubear5115d ago (Edited 5115d ago )

This IS news. It may not be news you like or want but it's new regardless. If you don't like this type of news then set your filters to make sure you don't get this type of news.

N4G gave us some great filters with the new site; use them.

btw, kinda looks creepy.

Blaze9295115d ago

this is not news. stop trying to kid yourself. Here, maybe you need to take a look at these again:


This is just stupid. The tattoo, this story, and everyone who approved this. Greatest gaming tattoo ever? Far from it

Government Cheese5114d ago

Woah thank God. At least its just on his back. For a second there based off of looking at the thumbnail, I thought the tattoo was around the actual dude's eyeball.

spec_ops_comm5114d ago

The tattoo came out so terribly. The artist should be ashamed. The eyes are way too far apart and the black shit in between just looks weird.

A waste of time and money. How much does laser tattoo removal go these days?

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Yeah, this tattoo SUCKS! It looks like he fell asleep and a kid scribbled on his back with permanent marker.

R2D25115d ago

Good luck on getting laid with that tat with out having to pay some STD invested hooker on the corner.

Spydiggity5114d ago

do people really think that they will be more likely to get laid simply by scarring their flesh with pointless ink?

if there are women who are turned on by the addition of tattoos, i can imagine that they are similar to the type of women you are talking about...

Microsoft_Spokesman5114d ago

It's epic and really ugly at the same time.

oohWii5114d ago

All I could thing about is when he is 60 years old and Kratos' eyes are drooping down and looking down at some old man's a$$...lol

BBCnewsrocks5115d ago

Guaranteed to die old and alone.

Aquanox5115d ago (Edited 5115d ago )

I don't see what this tattoo has to make it special.

Check this one, now this is a hell of a tattoo


Can't believe this ps3-fanboy-sites (Yes they are, "ps3addiction") nonsense keeps infecting this place.

boodybandit5115d ago (Edited 5115d ago )

I am in the market for a gaming tattoo myself. If you want a really nice tattoo you have to carefully plan it out, create your own design and find the best artist you can to give you a piece of art that will last you a life time.

This tattoo of Kratos looks like it was done by a person just starting out and it's doesn't even make sense. I feel sorry for the person that did this to themself.

I should know. The gaming tattoo I am trying to put together is to cover up my first tattoo I had done. It was an excellent design but done by an amateur and that is being overly kind. But in my defense I just turned 18, walked into a palor and walk out a couple hours later with a mistake. Exactly like the guy in this article did.

mantisimo5114d ago (Edited 5114d ago )

No giant tattoo of any ones eyes are going to look right when heads are oval and your shoulders are square. Should have had a Super Mario Thwomp done instead!

Oh and the quote from the tattooist "Well he didn't, so now I'm going to do this same tattoo on somebody else and do it better."

Some comfort for the poor sod who had this done now whose brave enough to have bog eyed pot smoking, late night Kratos Tattoo II?

JsonHenry5114d ago

This way when his boyfriend is getting him from behind he can look at a real man..

Dnied5114d ago

aha that one made me lol a bit

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xskipperx825115d ago

OMG that sucks! The proportions are all off. One eye is bigger thatn the other. They are spaced too far apart and the shadowing is terrible!

Bereaver5115d ago

Yeah, the proportions are pretty far off..... but it's the thought that counts right? heheh, maybe.

IdleLeeSiuLung5115d ago

Yeah, WTF! It is not in full 1080p!

It is so darn pixelated, not fitting of the PS3....