Splinter Cell: Conviction Post Mortem

We interviewed creative director Maxime Beland on Splinter Cell: Conviction. He talked about why features like a larger multi-player and dragging dead bodies were not in the game, as well as influences from Assassin’s Creed and Bioshock to keep the player involved.

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Ironfungus3257d ago

"It’s not something we cut. It’s something we didn’t have the time to do."

Lol. HOOOWWW LONG WAS CONVICTION DELAYED FOR AGAIN? Really? Really, guys? Really? Really.

"Because we were changing the gameplay to make it a bit faster, more dynamic, things like dragging dead bodies wasn’t like the highest priority of things to do."

Yeah instead your list of priorities involved completely taking away stealth from the game and dumbing it down for younger casual crowds who can't play video games. I can't believe you dumbasses.

"It’s exactly the same thing for the adversarial and spies versus mercs. We really wanted to make sure that what we were going to do was the highest quality possible and we didn’t want to attack adversarial."

Well ... ... you failed, LOL.

"It’s super important because we want to learn from what we’ve done."


--So guys, Chaos Theory was THE BEST SPLINTER CELL we ever made. I mean, the fans absolutely adored it. How could we improve on the next one?
--I think the fans would really like it if we completely took out stealth and allowed the player to go through the entire level with a sub machine gun.
--Won't that upset some of the Splinter Cell veterans who have been with us since the beginning?
--Nah. Besides, there's more money in the casual, bottom-feeders of the gaming culture. If they suck at a game, we'll dumb it down to their level. Thus, more money.
--Ah, brilliant. Yeah. Let's start taking out all the things that actually made Splinter Cell a great stealth game. Cut and print.