7.5 gives The Darkness a 7.5/10

All together The Darkness is a great video game; using gruesome violence and comic-book storytelling to bring life to the gameplay. The Darkness only falls short in a few areas in which Starbreeze can develop upon and perfect if there is ever a sequel.

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boi5427d ago (Edited 5427d ago )

played this on the 360 its not all that great...but its fun for awhile well for me it these who got a ps3 and havnt got this i advice rent first...well thats my opinion

Kleptic5427d ago (Edited 5427d ago )

great call...I lucked out and rented it...and am very happy that didn't buy it...that article is spot on imo...The lighting system is not really that has those completely black character shadows that do not blend nicely with anything...meaning...if a light is behind you and you are stand in front of a wall, facing it...your shadow doesn't bend at the crack where the floor meets...If you have played R6 Vegas, you know what I am talking about...This looks like FEAR's shadowing, where it works at times...and at other time gives you this extremely bizarre 2d thing that looks pretty sad...

that is not why I wouldn't buy it...the game is extremely heavy on dialogue, which is great, and the voice acting is great...however the animation is really takes away from the cinematic feel...combine that will gameplay that never eally changes, an AI that you should just throw bricks at..and it is mediocre game to me...the inclusion of "the darkness" is really cool at first...but your enemies do not seem to mind you having huge tenticles and snake like mouths chasing after them...they just treat you like Max Payne and yell "get him"...

also you are in New York pretty much the whole game...and this game would give it the appearance that NYC was abondened about 10 years ago...there is absolutely no one around...except for the occasional guy, and everyone trying to kill you...

I agree with is worth renting...and has some really cool parts...but it will give you about 10-15 hours of fun tops...combine that will pretty much nothing going on multiplayer wise, and there really isn't any reason to own it...If you own a PS3 and are looking for just one shooter right now, my money went to R6 is much much better in terms of gameplay, and visuals for the most part (except it still erks me that bodies disappear on single player...even Doom 2 didn't do that)...the multiplayer has tons of options, and seems to be growing pretty fast (I bought the game on day one, and pretty much no one else did apperantly) is a game that will have you spending a lot more time with than The Darkness imo...

boi5427d ago (Edited 5427d ago )

yea multiplayer totally lacks lol

don't even bother with the MP for this!

as for the whole NY goes its pretty boring...okay there is a few lil side missions/quest whatever u call it but hell being down the subway is even more boring and yea the guy above me mention it really lacks as you play me guys rent it first...its fun 4 abit but thats hey dont have to listen to buy it if u like, every1 has a diff taste...but with my experience with games this is not what u want