Miyamoto tries to prevent childish writing in Mario games

Miyamoto discusses the age gap in the audience for Super Mario Galaxy 2

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Tomdc3254d ago (Edited 3254d ago )

ooops wrong place sorry

Valay3254d ago

Mario games don't really have much of a story anyway, but what he said makes sense.

Rocket Sauce3254d ago

I'm going to skip the game and wait for the novel.

Neoninja3254d ago

Funny how you get disagrees for making a joke. N4G I love ya

Sugreev20013254d ago

Hahaha that is a very ingenious comment.

Pedobear Rocks3254d ago

that attracts me to the game.


sikbeta3254d ago

lol the loli Resistance disagree with you


ruiner44823254d ago

Did someone say lolis =D

Tomdc3254d ago

I think the story in galaxy is poor compared to sunshine. I liked how despite the fact there wasn't much story you felt like you were progressing and making a difference as you went on.

BiggCMan3254d ago

i know what u mean. also in sunshine, i just loved spraying water everywhere, it was so fun and addicting, and it felt meaningful to the game. in galaxy, there is nothing to do outside of the main levels that u get stars in. in sunshine, there was loads to do in the plaza. still though, i really like galaxy, and galaxy 2 is just as good, ive got already and its basically the same thing, although im not far in it, only got my first star.

RageAgainstTheMShine3254d ago

There is one Ps3 game that took a lot of pages from Miyamoto's book of resonance. That game is Uncharted 2. The only brilliant thing they did was add a little story and boom! it resonated to me after I finished the game. It was just like coming out of the cinema, blown away, goes to bed thinking about it with a happy feeling of awe.

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SpoonyRedMage3254d ago

The haters are going to jump on this but I think this can be applied to all facets of Nintendo's game which is why many of their imitators have failed.

Even with things like Super/Cosmic Guide they don't patronise the audience.

tunaks13254d ago (Edited 3254d ago )

trolls are bashing this because a "lastgen" and "kiddy" console has a game that outscores their favorites. They use the excuses that mario is too kidy, or too milked to hide their trolling

Ocelot5253254d ago

it's not trolling, it's just more like "what has the game industry become"

developers who deliver quality get less sales than developers who are thinking about quick bucks

mario is really easy to develop and should be a $5 game, but capitalism fails here

same can be said about the Modern warfare games

mikeslemonade3254d ago

Couldn't have put it better. I disagree with Modern Warfare though. It's their second game and it came out 2 years after the 1st so it's wasn't a "yearly milkage". And now infinity ward is gone so modern warfare is going down to the dumps anyway.

Mario on the other hand has basically been the same game since Super Mario Sunshine. All they do is add a new gimmick like "invisble mario" or "inside out mario". Nintendo probably spends most of their time polishing the levels than actually making the game.

Millah3254d ago (Edited 3254d ago )

Mario is really easy to develop? Jesus, the ignorance of some of you misinformed trolls never ceases to amaze me.

Theres a lot of things that people like you, who DON'T develop games nor understand a single thing about game design, really take for granted. Its a shame.

jack_burt0n3254d ago

I dont think that applies to galaxy 2, but when they revealed super mario bros wii and its selling point was 4 player coop that was a case for wow we have run out of ideas.

Miyamoto is a legend but its now upto the people around him to innovate like he did and really push and evolve genres and that is not happening inside nintendo at the moment imo in regards to the core gamer.

Meryl3254d ago

why does this hguy have lots of diagrees most of us middle aged gamers know that mario has existed since the 80's all they really have done is kept the same formula and added different gimmicks, each time you have to save the princess, that is not innovative, even though ninty fans claim it is:(:(

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tunaks13254d ago (Edited 3254d ago )

"mario is really easy to develop and should be a $5 game"
really? You make games?
the levels they create are so dam smart and intricate, there not some poorly designed level you download for LBP

"Couldn't have put it better. I disagree with Modern Warfare though. It's their second game "
something is wrong here...

"Mario on the other hand has basically been the same game since Super Mario Sunshine. All they do is add a new gimmick like "invisble mario" or "inside out mario"

er again u fail, mario galaxy is closer to mario 64...
and it appears as if you've started gaming on a ps2...

how much of you trolls actually took the time to read the article,
i mean if your going to troll at least sound educated

LeonSKennedy4Life3254d ago

I hate to break it to you, but many of the levels people have created for LBP are extremely intricate and well designed. Many of them are made by actual game designers also. Grow up. Mario's fun, but don't compare it to a masterpiece.

Darkfocus3254d ago (Edited 3254d ago )

as much as I like Mario there's no reason to insult LBP some of the levels people make are astounding and better than a lot of retail platformers. Mario and LBP are both excellent games.

sikbeta3254d ago

"the levels they create are so dam smart and intricate, there not some »[poorly designed]« level you download for [LBP]"

Are you Bashing, LBP as a whole?, the levels on it? or the User Generated Content by people that are NOT [Devs], but they do the best they can?... and WTF LBP has to do with Mario?

ChickeyCantor3254d ago (Edited 3254d ago )

" Grow up. Mario's fun, but don't compare it to a masterpiece."

When i saw a mario Level remake in LBP, it made me realise how depressing LBP is.

Its so freaking slow. It doesn't feel like a proper Platformer to me.

Im not saying the production value is bad, but in no way is it better than Super mario just because it has a level editor.

Yes i have the game myself, and havnt touched it after 5 times of playing it.

again the game is well made, but it got nothing on Mario.
The reason i got LBP is because im a platformer fan, but it just ended up in disappointment.

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DiLeCtioN3254d ago

Mario games are not easy.

LeonSKennedy4Life3254d ago

^Didn't beat Super Mario Galaxy...

kesvalk3254d ago

^^ didn't beat ANY mario...

ZombieAutopsy3254d ago

Super Mario World for the SNES is at least I think so.

Darkfocus3254d ago

but the bonus levels and all the extra levels you don't need to beat are always challenging which is a good way to do things imo

CountDracula3254d ago (Edited 3254d ago )

Childish is sometimes good.

I mean you don't want to have Mario make some allusions about his "plumming skills" or Peach on how she has made Mario into a cuckold for her stinky (Bowser) jizz filled snatch for comic effect, now do you?.

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