NowGamer: Crysis 2 Preview

NowGamer writes: "For many of us, the original Crysis continues to this day to remain an unknown quantity. A game requiring so advanced and sophisticated a PC rig, it was priced out of many gamer’s hands. It’s not quite so bad now, but Crytek’s impressive-looking FPS has become something of a Holy Grail for console owners. You have to be pretty dedicated to shell out for a PC that can handle everything turned up to 11 and Crytek is fully aware of this. Through a combination of piracy avoidance and the simple need to reach a wider audience, Crysis 2 was always on its way to the 360. But that doesn’t mean the transition is going to be easy – despite some impressive tech demos, Crysis 2 remains an unproven quantity. Showing up at a recent EA event, it was revealed to us just how much Crytek is pushing the 360’s now practically ancient hardware".

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