Original-Gamer: 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa Review

Original-Gamer writes: "Ah, the wonderful sport that is soccer. Or, as those on the other side of the hemisphere call it: "futbol." Whatever language you speak, FIFA World Cup South Africa is still understandable and those that do understand it normally LOVE it. Soccer fans are some of the craziest, most rambunctious sports fans in the entire world. Don’t believe me? Well, then, just youtube the words "soccer riot", then shut your mouth while the grown-ups talk. Why am I explaining the extreme fanaticism of soccer? I do so because it is important to understand why the FIFA series always sells so damn well; it is the best virtual representation of a sport that is beloved by many. Once the fans have their hooks into your video game, if you are the publisher of said video game, you had better be on top of your game. EA Sports knows that it is going to take a lot to quench the thirst of rabid soccer fans and so they made damn sure to get (mostly) everything right."

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