CVG Review: Bomberman Live

Bomberman Live for online antics is worth every last Microsoft Point . In fact, it could turned out to be the best Live Arcade release this year.

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Double-Edged4206d ago

XBLA is a system of it's own.

Bomberman Owns.
I'm glad I have a 360...bomberman onlive..
simply crazy...

Syko4206d ago

Ya, I might have to drop some points on this. Wasn't on my must have, but I bet it is fun as hell online.

the greatest4206d ago (Edited 4206d ago )

this game sucks
xbox need 2 make some
new titles and stop getting all these
old games

DrRage774206d ago

um, do you even understand what the purpose of xboxlive arcade is for?? it is EXACTLY for this reason, to get old classics that everyone loves, along with new games....take a look through the 60 or more arcade games that are currently available and you will find a huge mix of old classics, along with new games created specifically for xboxlive arcade.

what the heck are you complaining about?? xbox DOES have new games as well as older games for have ZERO argument

_insane_cobra4206d ago

This is not an old game, this is a completely new Bomberman title (and a current definitive version, at that).

power of Green 4206d ago

Do you have a 360 or are you just talking sh*t?.

Ravenator5294206d ago

And purchase this game!

This one of the most "classic" multiplayer games out and its perfect for XBLA!

DrRage774206d ago

absolutely agree...i just got a 4,000 points card so i know exaclty where the first 800 points are going. i have been stoked about this game since they first rumored they were making it for arcade. when i told my buddy (who is a pc gamer and he used to have all the nintendo systems) about bomberman, he said he is now going to consider getting an xbox360 due to all the awesome arcade games and regular games that keep coming out...he is finding it harder and harder to play his pc while i have more fun on the 360 :)

P4KY B4206d ago

Its brilliant.

Even better than worms and that was great.

If you only buy 1 arcade game, make it this one.

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