Killzone 3 – Environment completely destructible

Killzone 2 which just had destructible environments, the environments in Killzone 3 “fully destructible ‘are.

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Natsu X FairyTail3071d ago

good addition. Hopefully this gets implemented in more games in the future. Crysis2 and BattlefieldBadCompany2 have it to so it's a great start.

whateva3071d ago

Top 5 already has been KillZowned! just from the scans alone

Strange_Evil3071d ago (Edited 3071d ago )

I love destructible environments and KZ3 should trump BFBC2 in those aspect.... KZ3 is shaping to be an awesome FPS... I only hope they keep the bots mode in KZ3 as well, otherwise I am gonna KILL someone!!!!

trounbyfire3071d ago

on the gears scans and i got the trolling stamp but like we both said KZ always goes to the top.

Hellsvacancy3071d ago

Whateva, i was thinking the same thing man, the PS3 is soooooo full of win

Xulap3071d ago

Great news!

Honestly, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 kinda spoiled me. I'm used to drive through everything and don't stop, taking everything that's on the way with me.

Now, when I play other games that are not BC2, and don't have destruction, I try to do the same thing to realize seconds later it's not possible. :(

Thanks, Guerrilla Games.

-Alpha3071d ago

This is definitely much needed for shooters and great.

You know, people thought K2 was going to have destructible environments but I was disappointed that I read that wrong. But since this is confirmed I am going insane. Once again, the engine is down so everything is focused on the most important aspect: Gameplay.

I hope they have a destructible engine better than BC2. As great as BC2 was it wasn't the best. Red Faction had great destructibility and I hope K3 follows in that suit. Even Gears 3 is having destructibility. This is going to be an insane E3.

Akagi3071d ago

It's because it's Killzone. But seriously, KZ2 is my no. 2 PS3 game.

Greywulf3071d ago

Online was great as well...

They had the engine nailed for Kz2...

I enjoyed the launch controls as well.

-Alpha3071d ago (Edited 3071d ago )


I didn't say it wasn't varied :/

I enjoyed the gameplay a lot, but with more focus on gameplay we can finally expect to see co-op, more gameplay variety (like jetpacks), etc.

The launch controls were too clumsy at relatively close quarters. I enjoy the post-patch controls that maintained the heavy feel while removing the silly close-quarter dancing players did.

HolyOrangeCows3071d ago

Killzone + Destructible environments = Awesome

arakouftaian3071d ago

i know last time top new n4g was Killzone 2 allways on top before
in and after the game.
the impack Killzone 2 had is amazing and the hate is mindblowing .

i hope fanboys respect KILLZONE 3 GG with KILLZONE 2 won that respect.
(not saying KILLZONE 1 was bad i love the game but it had bugs
but that how next gen was that game in this era most game have bugs n this gen.
and if soemthign we can learn abouth killzone 2 is that future gen will be
polish and clean wich is good.

darkmurder3071d ago

I don't see this working out I'm sorry. Given the KZ2 engine where it had 'loading' every now and then in the actual game they can't maintain those graphics and have 'full destruction'. They'd either have to tone down the game or create a brand new engine for this to work. I don't believe personally it will be 'fully descructable' look at the destruction they advertised in the last one - hardly there.

nix3071d ago

loading every now and then??? i'm sorry but its not gears of war 2 mp we're talking here. unless you were talking about that split second pause that used to take place every 2 secs.

darkmurder3071d ago

I agree with you I just worded it like that so I wouldnt get the whole SDF on my head lol.

RageAgainstTheMShine3071d ago (Edited 3071d ago )

Those who bitch about Killzone 2 having no color, now Naughty Gods will paint it for you.

Battlefield 2 meets Killzone 2= no more campers!

all we need now are Gundam skins and we are all set.

Hideo_Kojima3070d ago

They are improving the graphics...
They are making it 3D which means at list 60FPS
They are making the scale bigger
They are making everything destructible

How can PS3 handle all this didn't Killzone 2 even stress it a bit? Either that or GG made a deal with the devil.

DaTruth3070d ago

I was wondering why nobody mentioned that yet; 3D, destructible environments, what's next open world!

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Jamegohanssj53071d ago

I wonder will people enjoy this a lot? I'm kind of iffy on it a little bit, but if I can have a sword in the game, then I'll like it.


xabmol3071d ago

Or at least a melee only loadout wit a sword. Been wanting a ninja class DLC for BFBC2 for a while now. :D

Biggest3071d ago

What the hell is a ninja class? I've been in a fire fight or two in my life and I have yet to meet the man that breaks away from the pack to slice someone. I guess that Killzone or Halo type games could include something of the sort. But Bad Company/Modern Warfare types can not.

Jamegohanssj53071d ago

Xambol is smart. Bubbles up.


SuperbVillain3071d ago

a sword?'s closer to the the year 2500 in this game and you want a f*cking sword?...are you retarded?

xabmol3071d ago


You've never seen me play BFBC2 have you? I probably have more dogtags than you have kills. I'm a sneaky bastard, I am.


Tell that to a Jedi.

Jamegohanssj53071d ago

Super, Only an idiot trusts his life to a gun. I'm a swordsman through and through. Even Chuck Norris uses a sword : v ).


Dacapn3071d ago

Seriously, the sword idea? Retarded. Go play Red Steel 2.

pixelsword3071d ago (Edited 3071d ago )

It's not the first time that has been brought up in the killzone universe; but then again, most people didn't even care or read-up on the killzone universe and jumped-in at Killzone 2 when they saw the graphics.


(Unnamed sword, but it's probably a Petrusite-alloy or Petrusite energy-driven sword)

RageAgainstTheMShine3071d ago

attached to your rifle will be cool!

DaTruth3070d ago (Edited 3070d ago )

"Super, Only an idiot trusts his life to a gun. I'm a swordsman through and through. Even Chuck Norris uses a sword : v )."

But come on dude, that's Chuck Norris! He could use his pinkie and be just as effective!

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sikbeta3071d ago

Addition? This is Freaking Huge Man, KZ3 will be just Epic


captain-obvious3071d ago

too good to be true

i am a killzone fan
i even got the 80gigs KILLZONE2 bundle
but im sorry but i think this is a rumor

i hope its true
I'd love if GG them self said so

B-Real2063071d ago

and I didn't read anywhere in the article that said full-on bc2 type destruction.

I was wrong when the first pic popped up on the net and I hope I'm wrong about this but I think it would to good to be true.

I'm gonna file this one in my not going to happen folder.

WhittO3071d ago (Edited 3071d ago )

They said that about the first game and it was only pre-scripted items that could be destroyed (like some tiles on a wall or a box).

But still, the effect of throwing a granade and watching it effect the environment and see the smoke sway with the direction of the wind was amazing.

Expecting really great things from K3 and this E3, hope it blows all other games away in terms of visuals (only because K2 is one of the best looking games ever and would look jaw-dropping if improved on)

Rumor3071d ago

multiplayer too please!!!

on a side note....god Natsu, one bubble?? u better get on the n4g community's good side while u still can

Megaton3071d ago

This used to be one of the things I always wanted in previous generations. Really like the Frostbite engine for this reason alone, and it's a tragedy that more games don't incorporate it.

gtamike3071d ago

play redfaction 1 for ps2 (not redfaction 2)

Megaton3071d ago

I know, Red Faction was one of the first games I had for my PS2.

execution173071d ago

DMC was my first PS2 game then MGS2 :P then i heard about RF bought then i couldn't put it down after that, shame RF2s destruction wasn't the same, sucked i wasn't able to make my own tunnels around unbreakable objects

blasian3071d ago

Now i wish someone would try hiding behind a wall and see if i dont blow that mofo up

MGRogue20173071d ago (Edited 3071d ago )

You've just 'Gotta love the PS3's CELL Processor! :D

Looks like they are finally going to be putting those SPUs through their paces, Can't wait to see the physics in action. :)

kneon3071d ago

I'm all for believable destructibility. What I don't want is what we got in BF:BC2 where it appears that the world is made of styrofoam.

FACTUAL evidence3071d ago

on another note: Co-op campaign online GG! I know you can do it!

Digitaldude3071d ago

I'm whoring over BC2 and think KZ3 will be 2x better.
Cannot WAIT.

TotalPS3Fanboy3071d ago (Edited 3071d ago )

"...timing your melee attacks correctly allows you to do things like stomp on an enemy's face with your boot..."

Vehicle combat
"Killzone 3, in particular, embraces elements that aren't necessary native to first-person shooters, such as vehicle based combat..."

Pure ownage! Killzone 3 is going to be so good!

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ClownBelt3071d ago

I'm not really a huge fan of destructible environment, but if its there then great.

Ocelot5253071d ago

how can you not be a fan of destructible environment?

breaking things=fun

Faztkiller3071d ago (Edited 3071d ago )

Only problem I have with destructible environments is the rubble disappearing Really annoying like body's disappearing right before your eye's in some games hate that

Anon73493071d ago

That only happens on consoles, usually on the PC version when there's rubble on the ground it stays there.

It's really difficult to incorporate it on consoles with their very limited specs.

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X-Frame3071d ago

Just another rumor, but I hope it's true.

jmallymav3071d ago

if it comes out this year, im all for it.
i would hate to wait till next year, but if u got gears coming out 2011 and killzone 3!!!
i own all 3 systems, i have no alliances, i pledge allegiance to great games!!!

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