Awesome Buy 1 Get 1 $20 Off Deal at ToysRus

RespawnAction: "ToysRus is at it yet again with a sweet deal for us gamers. This week you are able to get $20 off one game with the purchase of another. That's pretty good if you ask me, especially since some of the titles are great games."

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patterson3123d ago

The problem with TRU B1G1 sales is the games you want are always magically unavailable or sold out.

CoffeewithChess3123d ago

I usually don't go to the stores until the middle of the week, so I miss the initial day of it. I wonder if it's because the people show up Sunday mornings for the specials?

respawnaction3123d ago

that may be it. People like my mom around xmas time gets to the store around 4am. I'm sure that for deals on gaming/tvs, people get to the store around 7am (if store opens at 8am that is).

AAACE53123d ago

I like when toys r us has specials for new releases. I bought Red Dead Redemption and got a $25 giftcard. Same thing when I bought Mario Galaxy a few years ago. I think I got that deal a couple more times, but can't remember because I don't usually shop there.

SilverSlug3123d ago

20 dollars off thing is better. You don't even need to get one first.

tatotiburon3123d ago

this promo is also online? i'm right now on their site but i can't find any promo