Epic’s Unreal 3 Optimization Brings The Pretty

Nathan Schmidt of Allegedly Speaking writes...

"I was really impressed by how much it looks like Epic tweaked the Unreal Engine to new heights while viewing the new Gears Of War 3 screenshots, that they released this week. So I decided to do my first side by side and see if Gears Of War 3 was really a leap ahead of it’s predecessor, or if I was just imagining things..."

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Letros3125d ago

I kinda prefer the Gears 2 look, don't get me wrong I'm glad to see Epic advancing their engine, but I do like that grit look to Gears 1 and 2.

swiftshot933125d ago

Gears 2 technically looks better, but I agree with you. I have to see it in motion, though.

Komega3125d ago

I think it is all going to come down to personal preference, while I like the new look I've also spoken to a few people that feel the same way you do and think Gears 2 looked better.

Strange_Evil3125d ago

Is it just me or does Gears 3 have a kind of a cell shaded look? I prefer the 2ish look.


"Epic’s Unreal 3 Optimization Brings The Metal and Rocks"

WhittO3125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

TBA there isnt much difference except for one of those pics which looks like its not ingame.

like this pic:

There is no big improvements in lighting/texture resolutions or by the looks of things scale/things on screen.

I think it will look better in motion, like the new Killzone 3 scans aren't that much better than the second game at all, but I'm sure when we see that in motion...:O

Chubear3125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

You're getting disagrees but you're right.

If look at Gears1&2, the main thing they used to give a sense of graphical progression was they changed the colour Platte. In gears1 certain sceneries where grayish blue but in Gears2, the same areas where Redish brown which gave a sense of improvement but the graphical fidelity where similar.

They also tried to make it a bit better by taking resources from the background and focus on the fore ground.

eg look at gears1 pic of similar or the same areas found in gears2. You'll notice that gears2 has way more fog in the far background and gears1 has far more depth of field vision.

It looks like it's the same here for gear2 to gears3. A bit better graphical fidelity but using colour schemes to give an illusion of graphical progression.

FantasyStar3125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

I noticed that the Gears 3 pictures feature dynamic lighting as per the increase presence of shadows. Gears 2 had some level of dynamic lighting, but Gears 3 looks to be going all the way with it. I very much like this change as I believe all games should have dynamic lighting at this point.

EDIT: I found a picture that best illustrates this. - Gears 3 lighting - Gears 1/2 Lighting

Willio3125d ago

mumbo jumbo, quit talking as if you people are experts.

emk20043125d ago

they look the same except for the colors.

Lich1203124d ago


You don't have to be an expert to comment on lighting.

Heres a link to their UDK update which includes Cascaded shadow maps (makes dynamic time of day possible).

MNicholas3124d ago (Edited 3124d ago )

In this picture you can see just how much Gears 2 was cut back from Gears 1.

With Gears 2, they redesigned the buildings and other objects to be much simpler shapes. Gears 2 also has more fogging to reducing the draw-distance. Overall, Gears 2 was a big downgrade.

As for this picture, there isn't much detail, just lots of flat surfaces with painted outlines. Just look at that van lying side-ways. The "detail" on it is just drawn outlines. Same with the buildings.

Epic is the master at using drawn outlines to simulate detail. It's almost like cell-shading mixed with regular graphics.

Compare that playable environment with this one:


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Hallmark Moment3125d ago ShowReplies(10)
Legosz3125d ago

I don't know why people complained about the color in GoW1 and 2. It was gritty for a reason, now with all this color it doesn't look like Gears anymore...

corneliuscrust3125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

for whining about "brown and grey"

damn jackasses

Moonboots3125d ago

That is what I'm finding funny about this.

"Greys of War" how many times do you hear that?

Now it has color and people are complaining it's not "grey" enough..

LMAO. I think no matter what the haters are always going to hate.

I think it looks great and much improved but I don't trust Epic's screenshot's and need to see it in motion.

Inside_out3125d ago ShowReplies(1)
corneliuscrust3125d ago

This is what we get when all the retards attack the gritty "brown and grey look" that suits Gears PERFECTLY. Now they're trying to go for the colourful look which doesn't being the same weight to the gears universe.

BreakNeckSpeed3125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

Wow... one of the main things the first 2 games were criticized for, was a certain lack of color. Which was a pathetic thing to say anyway as they had plenty of vibrant colors in comparison to games like Killzone 2 for example. Now that the art style has been slightly changed for a more colorful tone, its basically been shitted on.

And to the person saying it has 'cel shaded' look. I could say the exact same thing for Uncharted 1&2.

Akagi3125d ago

This looks good, not gonna lie.

MNicholas3125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

It simply trades pixel shading (less shiny armor) to restore a bit of the environment geometry that Gears 1 had. They also changed the color.

They also still have lots of outlines strewn all over the armor rather than actual rendered detail. It's the outlines that gives the game a detailed look without it actually being all that detailed.

Chances are it will have the same sprite based effects that Gears 1 and 2 had as well as the simply on-or-off effects lighting which has no gradiation whatsoever and baked lighting/shadows.

There are more technically ambitious games on the 360. Epic's achievement here is artisitic, not technical.

Komega3125d ago

The article doesn't even mention Killzone 3, can't we leave the fanboy crap in the trash where it belongs for once?

WMW3125d ago

the only difference i see is in color which looks better to me.

DatNJDom813125d ago

Seeing these scans made me realize just how great Killzone 2 is. They still havent reached it. In my opinion, Killzone 3 looks better. Had more fun with Killzone 2 than any of the gears of war. Not saying gears is bad. good game is good.

likedamaster3125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

Anyone notice how in that first pic it's not Gears 2? That is Gears 1 on the left and Gears 3 on the right. With that said, I still prefer the Gears 1 look over 2 or 3. It just looks much more realistic to me. Hopefully they give us something that looks stunning and plays equally as good.

MNicholas3125d ago

from Gears 1 in terms of environment detail.

Gamespot did a side by side of the same locations and everything from buildings to furniture was greatly simplified in Gears 2.

Even draw-distance, which wasn't exactly a strong-point in Gears 1, was reduced in Gears 2 but Gears 2 did a better job of faking draw-distance in certain scenes with cleverly painted backdrops.

Subjectively speaking, I too prefer the overall look and level of detail in Gears 1 over Gears 2.

They did throw in a bit more action in some scenes of Gears 2 and they had some post process improvements but the overall impression is that the gains didn't justify the cutbacks.

SaberEdge3125d ago

Yeah it looks better, but I can't tell a huge difference by the screenshots. Then again, the Killzone 3 screenshots didn't really look much different than Killzone 2, so I can't wait to see more. I am sure Epic will show this game at E3.

gtamike3124d ago

Gears 2 looks better and killzone 3 destroys them all :)

vhero3124d ago

There isn't gonna be much differnce they will add tweaks here and there and try add improvements but I think they optimized it as much as they could for Gears 2. You notice on the first shot though on the article they picked the worst possible shot they possibly could find? The rest of the gears 3 shots are all from a vid that's not even in game? What point are tey trying to make with those shots?

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Komega3125d ago

I actually thought Gears 3 looks a touch more gritty, but a more realistic gritty if that makes any sense.

gtamike3124d ago (Edited 3124d ago )

Here's another gears 3 picture (the detail is really pushing 360)

Natsu X FairyTail3125d ago

Looks really good. I just want some HQ Screens soon.

Greywulf3125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )


You guys never learn.

1 bubble is the same as Epic and their "Screenshot" history. Ya.. Im just wondering if it will happen 3 times in a row. Well not really wonder, I'm more in complete awe at the idea of it happening again.

Richard Alpert3125d ago

You have 1 bubble again, looks like your the one who never learns.

BannedForNineYears3125d ago

How do you two already have 1 bubble? I mean, luckily mods took my bubbles away before N4G reset them.

crapgamer3125d ago

I'm digging it! I cant wait to get my hands on Gears 3!
I love the series and want to see how this particular chapter ends, then of course we get the prequels and things, but I'm super excited to see how this one goes. It does look better the Gears 2 though, which is amazing.

COINTELPRO3125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

Gears 3 looks better.