NXT Gamer: Split/Second Velocity Review

NXT Gamer's Synonymble gives his opinions on the new racer from Blackrock Studios, Split/Second Velocity.

"So it turns out there are other games out this week. Who knew? Despite a certain shootin’, gamblin’, horse-ridin’ son-of-a-gun marauding all over your friend’s consoles, three new IP’s are being released upon the world; Modnation Racers, Blur and Split/Second: Velocity. Three driving games, each with interesting tweaks and hooks on the genre. So which deserves your money? Well maybe take a moment to see if Split/Second: Velocity is the one for you."


Changed score to 8.0

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Montrealien3097d ago

don`t skip split second because of one review, it is a great game that should not be missed.

Faztkiller3097d ago (Edited 3097d ago )

Like Montrealien said don't skip on Split/second Because of one Review its a good game I liked it more then Blur
Can't go wrong with either though both great racing games


Was Playing Split Second last Night Online for PC, is very fun.

Especially the Mode Survival, very fun mode.

If someone is playing for PC, this is my account: xBUCANEEROx Just add me in game to play with some N4G Users.

PS3Freak3097d ago

Do not listen to this review. This game is alot of fun, and is the most intense and exciting racing game i have ever played. Blur is also quite good, but Split Second is deffinetly better. 6.5 is way to harsh.

Montrealien3097d ago

I agree that split second deserves more then a 6.5. It has one of the best first impressions, however I do question its lasting appeal.

As for Blur, I do not question it`s lasting appeal what so ever, that game has long legs and is my favorite arcade racing game this year.

DelbertGrady3097d ago

One is from the team behind PGR, the other from the team behind Pure. Certainly can't question the pedigree of the developers. I've played the Split/Second demo and the Blur beta. Loved both, but it looks like I have no choice but to devote the coming 6-8 months exclusively to RDR. It's beast.

willie323097d ago

I totally agree that this game deserves a better score. It is a solid 8.0-8.5 score range. I can't wait to see what a sequel will bring to the series. There is A LOT they can do to make this series have a staying power such as a Burnout.

aCHU3097d ago

OT: like the first dude said,Blur it is then.


TiKiMaN13097d ago

The reviewer must have sucked at this game. I have been playing the game since Tuesday. It is so much fun. The racing is amazing, the cars control well, and the destruction is fantastic. If you want a proper review of Split/Second visit:

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The story is too old to be commented.