9.0 : Mod Nation Racers Review writes "Mod Nation is the second in the new genre Sony seem to have stumbled onto with the “Play Create & Share” games. Little Big Planet was a huge success last year when for the first time it introduced the user to character and level design blended the worlds of developer and user meaning an endless supply of user generated levels involving cute characters.

Mod nation could be quickly described as Little Big Planet in Go karts a description they would be quite happy with but there is a bit more to it as well. The level designing was quite difficult in LBP but in Mod Nation the track building is very simple. The characters and karts are easily decorated to suit your own style."

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BoneIdle3075d ago

Having balls of fun with this game.

Hellsvacancy3075d ago

I gotta PlayStation Network Voucher Code today to unlock a Sackboy mod to use in ModNation Racers if sum mofo wants it, PM me and its yours