Connecting Emotionally with Gamers

For some in the industry it's the holy grail of video games - to actually elicit real emotion from the player. In this special My Turn, Ray Muzyka, Chief Executive Officer of BioWare, and Greg Zeschuk, President of BioWare, talk about making that emotional connection and the steps they've taken at BioWare to help reach that goal.

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egyptian_diarrhea5424d ago (Edited 5424d ago )

i'll be as emotionally as it gets, when i lay my fingers on mass effect, you just release it.
it seems that to have a companion along the road, something that takes time to build,a relationship, evolving your character, something that you are used to, and to take it away from you, seems the easiest way.
Other way is like they said it in the article:art, beautiful imagery and compelling soundtracks,will also do the trick.
But i guess most games mess with you in some way,that's why you keep playing them. this is nothing new in the gaming industry.
He, at the end of the article questions if they will be able to evolve in the emotion realm as the cinema evolved.I don't think that the cinema has evolved that much in that field. for instance the mute film Man with a movie camera, from 1929, it has no plot whatsoever, it's just a guy moving around Russia and filming stuff.and you can get emotions from that.Add "cinematic orchestra" as a soundtrack, and all sorts of different feelings start to bloom in you,by what you are witnessing.and some people will eventually drop a tear or two, although nothing happens.
Emotion is just human,it's always there,depending mostly on your life's experience,imo.

Torch5424d ago

is currently doing if for me (thanks for the recommendation, Truthhurts).

Everything about that game is just fantastic...I think it's the best game I've seen for not even having to play it; watching it is captivating enough.