World of Warcraft player sends nude photos to 14-year-old boy

"The online community of World of Warcraft has led to a minor coming into possession of a 30-year-old’s nude photos. "

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stewie328873097d ago

"The online community of World of Warcraft has led to a minor coming into possession of a 30-year-old’s nude photos."

Poor choice of wording I think. WoW isn't what led to this, a pervert taking advantage of it is. If it was WoW it would have been something else.

WhittO3097d ago (Edited 3097d ago )

Ye there is only so much control they can have, its not like she sent the pictures using WOW itself.

Also... 14 yr old boy gets really upset to the point of being noticed in school, because some woman sends naked pics of herself?!?! - Must have been 1 ugly F****r haha.

When I was 14 I basically had free reign of the internet on my own comp (i.e PORN), so I wouldn't have been arsed at all about that lol, even if I was like 12 that wouldn't have "upset" me lol, would've just like blocked her or something.
Must have been brought up as a hardcore Christian or something?

Montrealien3097d ago (Edited 3097d ago )

wrong title.

it should be,

F*cking pervert pedo sends naked pictures to a 14 year old.

who ever wrote this title is fail. Generalizing is amateurish and stupid. Learn to report.

@Darkstorn below

so let me get this straight, you don`t play wow because you are afraid to get naked photos from a pedophil? I am suprised you use the internat because you have as much a chance to get stalked by a pedophil online as you do in wow.

DERKADER3097d ago

There's this thing called the internet that allow anyone one to say/send what ever they want. Users beware. I'm sure the 14 year old was use to chatroulette anyways.

Darkstorn3097d ago

THIS is why I don't play WOW...

WhittO3097d ago

why would it stop you playing a game?

It can happen on ANY online game, its up to the ""victims"" ; (lol) themselves to have the brains whether to add old women or not!

An open/free internet still outweighs having 1 that is filtered/managed by governments etc.

Heartnet3097d ago

i think u just confessed to everybody that you my friend are an idiot :)

Legosz3097d ago

I don't know about you guys but I find this fucking hillarious! In World of Warcraft anything is possible!

menoyou3097d ago

When I was 14 I was actively searching for naked pictures and even hardcore porn. Studies show almost every single 14 year old does it too. These types of stories are so full of crap, probably designed to shock old people.

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Caspel3097d ago

WOW is the accessory to the crime. The means that made it happen for this incident.

Montrealien3097d ago

you kidding right?


where does the internet conection, PC, network cable, mouse used to click, email service, forum, ect. fit into this this?

I can`t believe you actually blame a fantasy game for this sick act instead of the sic person themselves. Stupid Politically corret world, its the end of our civilisation I tell ya.

Karsghul3097d ago (Edited 3097d ago )

You think this only happens in WoW?

It happens everyday around the world and very few are reported.

Caspel3097d ago

nope, I don't think WoW is the only one. In this case, it was. The article doesn't blame WoW. It says someone used it maliciously to distribute photos.

Milamber3097d ago

She's obviously not a supermodel then.

McPoopin3097d ago

Game is shit and filled with weird ass people.

Montrealien3097d ago

and your comment is proof that you are a generalizing know nothing and have no idea what you are talking about.

I guess when one lawyer blames videogames for school violence, you agree with him, amirite? Cause it is the same thing, gj.

McPoopin3097d ago

Only addicited players will defend it.

Its filled with alot of weird ass people, they all pool into a game called wow. This is the one game i'll generalize because of how bad it is for society.

MMO's are terrible for health, I'll never play one again after WOW.
You should consider quitting it'll do wonders for you and the millions of other addicts.

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