ESRB Goes After 3D Realms Web Site

In what 3D Realms co-founder Scott Miller described as a "sucker punch", the Duke Nukem series developer has come under fire from the Entertainment Software Rating Board due to the use of outdated ESRB imagery on its official website.

Last week, the developer received a letter from the ESRB, which it forwarded to Shacknews, listing over 30 instances of its website violating the ESRB's Terms and Conditions Agreement. Most of the violations stemmed from 3D Realms' use of "old pixilated" rating icons and the lack of content descriptors, such as "Blood" and "Nudity." Steps to obtain the proper rating icons and content labels were not provided, though the letter contained contact information for an ESRB representative.

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incubus51875427d ago

even though ESRB is mad about having pixelated ratings all they have to do is just say take them down until you get the right rating logos from us... i think they are kind of blowing things out of proportion

ShiftyLookingCow5427d ago

did anybody notice the screenshot of Duke, he looks god awful.

BranWheatKillah5427d ago

Its getting to be time where we need to overhaul the ESRB, toss them out and start fresh with a new regulatory agency.