New PixelJunk Racers Screens

One of a series of game project by Q-Games, the team formed by Dylan Cuthbert (creator of Star Fox) and Kenkichi Shimooka (creator of Ape Escape.) Pixel Junk is a game distribution service by the Kyoto-based company (as well as a line of games likely bearing the Pixel Junk name), and the service promises to feature unique, casual game experiences delivered to PS3 owners via the PlayStation Network.

Check out the new screens.

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jromao5428d ago

This game reminds the old pc game named "Off road", it's great to see casual games as this one arriving on PS3, they are needed and a must for short periods of gamimg. 5 stars for the idea.

timmyp535428d ago

reminds me of hotwheels

teh_tourist5428d ago

the game that came with my graphics card XD

the worst5428d ago

this game is cool for $7.99

the greatest5428d ago

7.99-9.99 is a good price

Antan5428d ago

Very Slick! looks fun.

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