Redemption Kills OtherOS, Dead

PS3 owners clinging onto consoles running firmware earlier than 3.21 will do well to note that Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption not only requires that particular system software to run, but handily includes it on the disk for easy installation, too.

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Briefcase Joe3097d ago

This should be the last article about this. Please? Or am I asking too much of N4G members?

madkrazygames3097d ago

Yea I think you are, I never seen so much hype for one game it's crazy. I pray LA Noire and Max Payne 3 are the same on both systems, so we won't have to hear the stupidity from the fanboys from either side.

vhero3097d ago

Like every 360 game nearly comes with updates on the disc and every PSP game nearly too. This is nothing new really. But if a game needs an update itts always best to include it for those few who still don't have net (they do exist!)

Hideo_Kojima3097d ago

Remember PS3 freed up 70b of RAM through FW Updates.
So some games would not be able to run unless you have the latest firmware that the game was built for.

But sure you guys can wait for CFW and then not play any new games but who cares about new games... you will have MKV support right? Cause that is why so many people want CFW not because they want to pirate.

Sm0k3y_Bac0n3097d ago

PS3 games have been doing this since day1. CoD4 updated the system to version 1.93 for example. I don't see why this article was even written, never mind approved. The people who approve articles really are getting stupider.

Ocelot5253097d ago

the developers are forced to include system software on their discs, this is for sony to avoid lawsuits from people without internet who say they can't play the latest games while there wasn't a "internet connection required"-logo on the PS3 box

DaTruth3097d ago (Edited 3097d ago )

The article was written because lots of people said if you like other OS, you can just not update and opt out of PSnetwork. But now it turns out that you will not be able to play new games on your PS3 if you don't update.

This effectively reduces your PS3 to a Other OS and media center! If you can't play games on your PS3, it is no longer a PS3!

For the record, I am not an Other OS supporter and don't really care about the feature. Just pointing it out!

Hotel_Moscow3097d ago

stop saying cant play games you cant play new games theres a difference it gives you the choice of options do you want other os and all old games or do you want new games and no other os

ExcelKnight3097d ago

In all fairness, Sony explicitly said you won't be able to use PSN or play newer content that requires updating the system. This includes Blu-ray player enhancements (3D, other tweaks) as well as new games.

Short of connecting to PSN and using its associated functions, you can do everything you could do prior to 3.21's release.

DaTruth3097d ago (Edited 3097d ago )

Like I said, I am not an Other OS supporter or anti-Sony. They are just likely going to make an article on every way you are screwed if you don't drop your Other OS, every time they find a new one! And it's written right there, I said "new games"! Not like anyone is going to sit around only playing old games!

And diehard Sony fanboys were making it out like you could just continue on without PSN.

Disclaimer: I only own a PS3 and PS2.

Hotel_Moscow3097d ago

''If you can't play games on your PS3, it is no longer a PS3! ''

DaTruth3097d ago (Edited 3097d ago )

Now you're just grasping at straws! Nobody is going to be happy just playing old games for the next 5 years. Who's going to choose Other OS over Uncharted 3 and Killzone 3.

From an objective opinion, it was not a nice thing to do for whatever reasons they had to. I prefer they remove it because I never used it and I don't want game quality to suffer from pirating, but I am not going to defend Sony and pretend it is all happyland with rainbows and flowery fields!

Sony did what they did for their reasons and they are prepared to take some heat over it. They don't need internet posters defending them.

commodore643097d ago

Ok well I am glad that at least some ps3 users are seeing the truth here.

The Firmware update is now officially compulsory.

You want to play games? Must update
You wanna use PSN? Must update.

There is no choice here.
Anyone who bought the ps3 based on the heavily promoted 'Linux included' ad campaign has been deceived.
That much is clear.

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CountDracula3097d ago (Edited 3097d ago )

What? Now I gotta sue Rockstar as well!?


Gun_Senshi3097d ago

Programs have been having system updates in them since dawn of time. Even PC games update your DX and more.

Shadow Flare3097d ago

Oh hell. Looks like stanford university will have to cancel their black hole project and sue sony because they can't play red dead

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