Super Mario Galaxy 2 Bug Found?

Destructoid: "I've encountered what I think is a bug in Super Mario Galaxy 2. I found it by...dying. A lot."

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CoffeewithChess5170d ago

Flaming titles for hits...congratulations Destructoid.

Millah5169d ago (Edited 5169d ago )

And this guy is an example why Nintendo needs to make instructional DVDs and add features like "Cosmic Guide" or "Hint TV" into their Mario games. What a dumbass.

Smacktard5170d ago

...That is the STUPIDEST thing I have EVER seen. Ugh.

Akagi5169d ago

That's Destructoid for you.

SlaughterMeister5169d ago (Edited 5169d ago )

That's not a bug, there's a MAXIMUM amount you can collect of those things, obviously. If it stopped at like, 12 you would have a problem. 999 means they don't allow the counter to go over three digits, so you don't collect anymore than 999.

juniordee5169d ago

I found a bug in Destructoid's head.

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20 Best Super Mario Games of All Time

Cultured Vultures: Put on your freshest dungarees and chow down on the ripest mushroom as we reel off the best Mario games ever made to celebrate Mar10 Day.

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Barlos127d ago (Edited 127d ago )

My top 3 are Mario 3, Mario World and Mario 64. Mario Odyssey is also excellent, and I enjoyed Sunshine but didn't care for the Galaxy series.

Knightofelemia1222d ago

I know it's not a Wii title but it can be played on the Wii I want the Metroid Prime games on the Switch I have never played them.

darthv721222d ago

I wouldnt mind seeing a conduit compilation on the switch.