Wii reaches 9 million, a million behind 360

It's official: there is no stopping Nintendo's momentum. As if it was just yesterday since the Wii reached 8 million, Ninty's product of innovation and waving sticks have finally arrived at the 9 million milestone - just a million away from Xbox 360.

Looking at the numbers VG Chartz had more than a month back, the Wii sold almost a million units since early June. The PlayStation 3 had a solid month and sold more than the 360, but both pale in comparison to Wii's performance.

On the handhelds side, the DS continues to dominate with almost 45 million units sold. Sony's PSP, while behind by a huge margin, still experience healthy sales as it got past the 22 million mark.

Let's not beat around the bush, here's what VG Chartz gathered:

Xbox 360: 10.08m (0.41m Japan 6.50m America 3.16m Others)
Wii: 9.05m (2.98m Japan, 3.64m America, 2.42m Others)
PS3: 3.69m (1.00m Japan, 1.58m America, 1.11m Others)

DS: 44.97m (18.14m Japan, 13.11m America, 13.72m Others)
PSP: 22.15m (5.75m Japan, 8.63m America, 7.78m Others)

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ASSASSYN 36o5428d ago (Edited 5428d ago )

And still I say the wii is insignificant in the console wars. 1 mature game a year if that speaks alot to me about nintendos future gaming platforms.

The imbred idiot below agrees with cute.

wii on your face5428d ago

if you're going to be a huge d!ck about it, it's IN bred, not imbred. phucking [email protected]! Maybe you'd know that if your mommy and daddy weren't brother and sister. Why do you have to be such a sh!thead?

Doesn't really matter what all you people afraid of the wii say, it's kicking a$$ and no one can stop it. Just because you guys don't like it, doesn't mean it's no good. Just look at the numbers, read 'em and weep!

clownfacemcgee5428d ago

relax, it's just vgchatz, and vgchatz are notoriously inferior to NPD. Wait for the NPD monthly report. That'll tell you just how well the Wii fared versus the 360. And 360 versus the PS3. And PS3 versus your mom. And your mom versus Santa Claus.

Your Mom versus Santa Claus! Only on Pay Per View!!!!

Shadow Flare5428d ago (Edited 5428d ago )

It's not hard to catch up to the 360 when it hasn't sold anything. I still can't get over that xbox 360 sales have been at 10 million since 2006. THAT'S CRAP!!! (Of course 360 has been selling. But MS DID state they sold 10 million at year's end 2006 and official figures show they have sold barely anymore since)

But i actually agree with the peasant above me, i too think the wii is insignificant and shouldn't be compared to the ps3 and 360. The way the wii has been built means it should stay in the ps2 class

outlawauron5428d ago

MS said they SHIPPED 10.4 at the end of the fiscal year. That does not mean sold to consumer.

ItsDubC5428d ago

And yet you continue to post degrading comments about the Wii with respect to the PS3/360 in all aspects other than sales. If you feel the Wii shouldn't be compared, then don't make comparisons at all.

AngryTypingGuy5428d ago

According to, the 360 has passed 11,500,000. Everywhere you look, the numbers are a little different. The Wii will pass the 360 soon though. I will say though that the Wii is a child's toy compared to the other two.

I think the Wii is actually good for the other two companies. The Wii will bring in casual gamers. Some of them will turn into hardcore gamers, and want to pick up a 360 or PS3.

Silvanos5428d ago

What I am afraid of is companies seeing huge profits from crap games.

If a company sees it can make huge profits from garbage because 11+ million casual gamers will buy what do you think they will make? Mini games for casual gamers at a minimal cost.

Not saying they will stop making hardcore games, just maybe not so many.

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The Swordsman5428d ago

I must agree with the two of you. The Wii is hardly seventh generation. Sure, it has a nice controller, but it's hardly very advanced now is it. It just doesn't have the cutting-edge technology that makes the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 seventh generation consoles.

jigaman5428d ago

Sorry but your comment doesnt hold water. Pretty graphics, intelligent A.I. arent the only factors that make the "Next Gen" grade. Nintendo has done somethhing to the industry (yet again) this generation to further push & evolve the gaming industry. Just because they didnt make a big leap in hardware doesnt mean they're not "Next Gen". Broaden you narrow spectrum.

The Swordsman5428d ago (Edited 5428d ago )

Oh, really my narrow spectrum. Really, the Wii isn't all that good for gaming. It has problems with certain genres of gaming. It is many problems with the fighting genre. Look at Namco's Soul Calibur series. While the PS3 and the Xbox 360 get Soul Calibur 4, the Wii gets Legends, an action adventure game, which Namco isn't putting much effort into going by how all the character and level designs are from Soul Calibur 2, while Soul Calibur 4 gets new designs for the areas and characters. Mortal Kombat: Armageddon was only average.

My brother has the Wii. He hates it. He never plays, except for when friends are over, and even then, only his friends are really playing it. He much rather play the Sims on his PC. Free Radical Design has stated that the Wii hardware lacks the power necessary to run the software they have scheduled for release on other seventh generation consoles. Scott Steinberg, Sega's U.S. Vice President of Marketing, has even expressed concern about the creative depth of the Wii pool. And other than the very rare true Mario game, in this case Galaxy, Metroid Prime 3, SSBB and perhaps Mario Kart, what other exclusive AAA games does the Wii have for release in the near future?

ItsDubC5428d ago (Edited 5428d ago )

Battalion Wars 2, NiGHTs, Fire Emblem, RE:UC, Dragon Quest Swords, Dragon Blade, No More Heroes, Animal Crossing, Zack & Wiki

EDIT @below:

Animal Crossing has never appealed to me personally but for some reason those games always seem to be popular and highly-anticipated. And I agree about No More Heroes, it's a gamble. It's garnered a lot of hype and many have said that Killer7 was severely underrated but I've never played it so I can't speak from personal experience. The gameplay videos look interesting, though I will wait to see whether the game appeals to me or not.

The Swordsman5428d ago (Edited 5428d ago )

Well, UC and BW2, yes, AAA, and yes, Dragon Quest Swords and Nights, but Animal Crossing? Would that really be AAA material? And you can't be sure about No More Heroes. Goichi Suda's last game, Killer 7, only receiverd mixed reviews.

Edit: Ya, I've never played Killer 7. People say it's underatted, but, I must admit that I find it alittle... odd, to say the least, and the whole on-rails thing turned me off from purchasing it on either my PS2 or my Gamecube.

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ad4mb5428d ago (Edited 5428d ago )

The reason its selling is because its cheap.
The reason its cheap is because all it is is a controller.
The console itself is last gen with tiny improvments

risk5428d ago (Edited 5428d ago )

and vg charts is a bunch of bullocks.

lol disagree with me all you want, id rather trust Famitsu or the official NPD numbers rather then these sites. hell id rather trust Wikipedia!

tplarkin75428d ago

VG Chartz literally fabricates numbers. This is verified by the owner of VG Chartz, Brett:
"NPD are a professional multi-million dollar data firm. They collect data from most major retailers and provide a very high-level service to their clients who pay a lot for their info, VG Chartz is doing things on a much smaller and less professional scale so as of now, there is no comparison in terms of “accuracy”."

Rute5428d ago (Edited 5428d ago )

To tplarkin7: No, Vgcharts does not fabricate numbers, they monitor numerous different sources and then update the numbers. Sure, they have been few hundred thousand units off couple of times, but Vgcharts is reliable enough for me at least.

EDIT: Estimating sales does not mean fabricating because Vgcharts uses lots of very reliable sources. Vgcharts numbers have been very close to official numbers in the past. Why do you think they're wrong now?

tplarkin75428d ago

Did you read my quote above? The owner admits that his data is not accurate. He admits that NPD is official, and that VG Chartz is not. You and I could make a website and use old NPD numbers to make guesstimates. That is what VG Chartz does.