Why Red Dead Redemption is amazing and NOT overrated like some people think GTA IV is.

Sarynthra Gaming writes - Simply put, they made the wild west game we all needed, and most of us wanted. Similar to what Arkham Asylum did for comic book games, and Batman games, RDR revolutionizes wild west games and gives future open world games a heads up on what's good, and what's fun.

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DeleteThisxx3260d ago

You didn't do anything but discuss core elements of the game. Anyone was able to see all of this just by watching a YouTube trailer so this article is not special and does not deserve its own place on N4G. Please, learn how to write properly and produce some sort of logical and relevant article that actually has a purpose then come back.

Sarynthra3260d ago

1.Only a couple paragraphs were used to describe the core elements, which was necessary in an article of this kind.

2.A trailer would not look like my article in video form.

3.I've seen articles 100 times worse on N4G, why are you complaining about mine.

4.your last sentence can't even be related to me or my article, it's like your talking about something else.

FangBlade3260d ago

RDR is not that amazing and it IS over-rated IMHO.
The game is decent, nothing special. GTA IV all over again if you ask me.

kingdavid3260d ago (Edited 3260d ago )

Hes not wrong. Its an opinion piece ffs.

Who made you god of judgement?

mesh13260d ago Show
yesah3260d ago

Chuck Norris is a cowboy, and u are insulting a cowboy game.

And if u insult anything related to Chuck Norris, u insult Chuck Norris.

Therefore instead of making you the god of judgement, Chuck Norris would probably kick the Sh1t out of you.

boodybandit3260d ago (Edited 3260d ago )

"Hes not wrong. It's an opinion piece ffs.
Who made you god of judgement?"

So what you are saying is, in your opinion, sarynthra's opinion is more valid than Fangblade's opinion?

kneon3260d ago

I'm almost 8 hours in and still waiting to be amazed. I've gotten annoyed at the game for it's stupid AI and numerous glitches, but never amazed. And let not forget how dull and repetitive many of the tasks become. I think all these reviewers giving it 9's and 10's need to get out more, they are far too easily impressed.

sikbeta3260d ago


Stick to your Awesome SuperHD-FF13 x360 version dude...


IS not like it's overrated like GTAIV, IMO Reviewers gave "the Pass" on some stuff and just put a 10/10 on it, that doesn't mean the game is overrated, that means that the game is not Freaking Perfect in every aspect, and if it's not perfect, a perfect score got no justification

Mista T3260d ago

Chuck Norris believes RDR isn't worthy as a cowboy game

badz1493260d ago

Chuck Norris part is too funny! :D


don't you bring that sub-HD argument over here! or you sure hates Halo, SCC, AW, MW, MW2 etc. for being sub-HD as well, right? he didn't even mentioned what version but you and your fanboy soul went straight to bashing the PS3 version! can't he even share how he feels without a douchebag turning it into console war? sheesh!!

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DeleteThisxx3260d ago

First Paragraph: Redundant, unnecessary opening to a poor article

Second Paragraph: You're on Rockstars nuts. Discuss graphics, mind you, this can be seen in trailers.

Third Paragraph: You discuss what you can do in the game, which, mind you explained in various trailers/message boards. People don't need you pointing out the obvious.

Fourth Paragraph: On Rockstar's nuts again. They made an open world western game, we know. Thanks for telling us again though.

Fifth Paragraph: You ramble on about how this is the western game we all needed. Thank you, that doesn't tell me why it's not overrated it's just you rambling incessantly.

Sixth Paragraph: You're on rockstar's nuts again.

So, yes. A trailer would do more justice than reading your article. You may have seen articles worse on N4G, however, the difference is they were actually written properly by mature people who actually KNOW how to write. (Yes, I'm implying you're immature.)

Again, no. I am not talking about someone else. You have various grammatical errors and you just blatantly come off as some immature kid. Learn how to use vocabulary instead of using your "0H S0o0o0o G33kY language." It's not cool and it's not funny. You just look like a moron.

Sarynthra3260d ago

How bout you don't comment on things you don't understand, you don't know me or what my blog is about. I wasn't trying to be funny, I was OBVIOUSLY GUSHING about the game. If you don't like gushing articles, than don't read them. Find time for something else, unless this is all you do with your time, although I'm glad you found time to write these huge walls of comments towards me, good job, I feel special =)

yesah3260d ago

i thought u were being a total dick.....until i read the article, then i started laughing.

personally i love RDR

but i think your taking this 'video game journalism' a bit to seriously, sure its not a professional article, but who gives a sh!t noones getting hurt

Nike3260d ago

Bubbles to Sarynthra for openly admitting he loves the game and that this article is meant to describe his experience.

And SiK, I find it odd that you're here for more than 9 months and yet you only comment on this article to vent your rage. This is N4G; surely there were other pieces that got you annoyed? What makes this one so special?

DeleteThisxx3260d ago ShowReplies(2)
BryanBegins3260d ago

When do you two get married? lol

ReservoirDog3163260d ago

Haha, bubbles (can you get more than 3 bubbles by the way?)

sid4gamerfreak3260d ago (Edited 3260d ago )

lets stop arguing we need peace gamers...

People are entitled to their own opinion. According to my opinion, I didn't like this article as it was badly written and unnecessary at some parts.

But thats just my opinion, I'm sure people will disagree with me and frankly, that's fine.

Edit: LOL BryanBegins

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