PS3 sells a million in Japan, RPG White Knight Story to sell more

A new survey from Famitsu publisher Enterbrain claims that 1.01 million PlayStation 3s have been sold in Japan since the console launched there on November 11.White Knight Story seems to shaping up real nice and is bound to move more PS3s over here in the land of the the rising sun. Look out for more come September at the Tokyo Game Show! Some may think it looks like a Japanese take of Oblivion and Two Worlds.
The trailer will put that to rest:

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MyNutsYourChin5424d ago

White Knight Story is going to kick some serious RPG a**. I'm definately getting this one.

The Swordsman5424d ago

I have never been a fan of RPGs, but I must say that this does indeed look good. Could this be the game to finally pull me over to "the dark side"?

Bebedora5424d ago

dance in joy like only martin in the simpsons can do that day I have it in my hands

Ebay3rd5424d ago

Oh , I'll have that...Looks big Real Big...

ApocalypseShadow5424d ago

at a higher price and less games coming out a year later.

and adding a great looking game backed by sony will help improve sales.

now sony,get cracking on legend of dragoon 2 or dark cloud 3.that would be cool for rpg fans.

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The story is too old to be commented.