THQ also charging for online play, Ubisoft joining soon.

If you haven't heard, the big news a couple of weeks ago was EA's announcement that players would need a code in order to play online in their sports games. This is part of EA's "Project Ten Dollar" that was recently implemented this year through many of their games such as Mass Effect 2, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, and now their sports games.

Now it seems that THQ has decided to join in...

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darkmurder3097d ago

Knowing Ubisoft as an even greedier company they'll soon implement charging for online brand new out of the box!

Proxy3097d ago

And they'll announce it like it's a new program customers should be excited about.

"Coming next year, players will be able to pay extra to enjoy online game play."

Of course "able" means "forced."

I predict we will view this as the last generation of classic gaming; dRm (with a capital Restrictions) is the future of consoles and PC. Although PC may be redeemed by gracious and talented indie developers.

captain-obvious3097d ago

now I'll buy my used games on PS3 only
sine i don't want to pay to MS and some other company at the same time

greedy ass holes

ZombieAutopsy3097d ago

You actually bring up a very good point, the people paying for xbox live are eventually going to be paying just for cross game chat and facebook unless they buy games new.

benny o klaatt3097d ago

I'll still buy second hand games, knowing that i won't be going online with them anyways. Big games i always buy brand new, Some i go online with, some i don't and i'll ebay the code off.

Play the system, don't let the system play you

raztad3097d ago

I have not issues with additional content/DLC to be first hand owner only (through redeemable code) but charging extra for playing online (which comes as a big selling point of the game) it is not ok in my books. I easily can see ACTIVISION charging $20 for playing Black Ops if game is second hand.

vhero3097d ago (Edited 3097d ago )

So soon your xbox live gold will get you what exactly?? As it wont pay for online play that's for sure.. This is a blow to MS more than anybody else as they charge for online play now with individual companys charging on top MS will find it even harder to justify that fee.. 3 fees for online broadband - live - game. Not to mention PS3 has the most exclusives meaning less games you will have to pay this extra £10 fee..

Imperator3097d ago

It doesn't get you anything even right now. The only reason I pay it is becuase I've got no choice. In a lot of games this generation, mulitplayer is nearly half of the game. If I don't pay for Gold, I don't get the full experience. I could care less about facebook or cross game chat or any of the other useless crap.

Proxy3097d ago

XBox seems to strive for a more unified online experience and might be in the best position to say "Sorry guys, if they're paying for Gold you can't deny them online play."

PS3 has adopted a more open "do as you please" approach for developers. Though I'd be equally happen if they stood up for their customers.

One can only hope.

Applegate3097d ago (Edited 3097d ago )

To be completely honest, if this can help the industry that I "love" to keep on thriving well let it be. Games are more and more expensive to make while at the same time being less and less profitable.

It may seem unfair for some people but when you think about it the other way around I understand that devs find it unfair too that they dont get a cent off used sales. Games arnt like automobiles where after a certain time the car isnt all that nice anymore. A one year old game is as functional as a brand new game unlike cars for intance (a 5 year old car is def not as nice a new car)

Its actually a very good solution to me since trading in and buying a used game is everyones right.

The only thing that cause a problem to my eyes is abuses. You never know what firms like Activision could be ready to do.

travelguy2k3097d ago

gears 1 is as good as gears 2, or Uncharted 1 is as good as uncharted 2.

I get what you mean in the way, the game does not degrade. But at the same time the newer games are getting better. So in comaprison to the newer games, the older ones are not as desirable.

the way i look at it is, buying used is still better than piracy. The only thing developers can do is drop the price after 6 months to like $39.00, that will kill the trade in value and make new games cheaper than buying used.

More people will end up keeping their games if they won't get as much for them.

Redlogic3097d ago

so the publishers/developers aren't getting money on second hand purchases so this is their way of bending over the consumers to squeeze them for a few more dollars. It's bull$hit. What other industry does this? If the dev's want money for used game sales then charge the Gamestop and Amazons of the world, companies which aren't short on big dollars. But no, lets pray on cash strapped consumers instead because they won't have a choice but to pay. I'm just about fed up with gaming all together.

badz1493097d ago

afterall, I got most of my games that way!

Inside_out3097d ago

It'll get alot worse before it gets better...THq is nudging it's way in at $ me, it will be $20 to join and $10 a month subscription....Kids who's parents buy everything for them and don't have jobs will think this is great....Have these idiots seen how bad the economy is...I guess not...

radzy3097d ago (Edited 3097d ago )

now the developers are turning honest game buying people into pirates.

Noctis Aftermath3097d ago

I still think that people who buy used games will end up paying the same, the $10 will be coming from the stores profits and lower trade in value for games.

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ClownBelt3098d ago

Luckily for me, I don't have any interest on their games.

Montrealien3097d ago (Edited 3097d ago )

You always bring such an interesting point of view to the discussion forums. You are though provoking and simply...amazing.

Keep up the good work, and keep those new accounts coming, you know you are cool when you got more then 5 accounts on N4G, amirite?

piroh3097d ago

Monty what's your problem? you seem angry. he told just his opininon

Montrealien3097d ago (Edited 3097d ago )

You see, I don`t just look at one comment. And to pass time at work, I call out the multipla account trolls and I make sure they know that I know.

You don`t like it, just don`t read it.

RAWWWWRRRR! I r mad! and angry! gwahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Venatus-Deus3097d ago

"You don`t like it, just don`t read it"

Sounds like you should follow your own advice. He has as much right as anyone to voice his opinion.

ClownBelt3097d ago

Haha. Dude calm down. I can assure you that I only have this account. You seem to post around claiming that I have this ultra 600+ accounts when you don't even have any proof. Geez

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aceitman3098d ago

anything that has online codes boycot not because of it being new how bout 2 systems at home with different id names gamertags u need to buy one for each one total bull . if the game has it i wont buy it gamers unite

kjordanreyna3098d ago

I know the last thing I want to do when I open a game after buying it is paying more for something THEY took away.

Pandamobile3098d ago

This only affects you if you buy used games.

Used game sales are crippling the console game market the same way piracy is for PC. Put yourself in the position of the publisher/developer and think about ways that you can A) slow down used game sales; B) still profit off of used game sales.

kjordanreyna3097d ago (Edited 3097d ago )

I'm aware of should I stop buying used games because I want to be righteous and help the publisher out? No. I'm going to look for the best possible deal I can find on most games.

But rather than add features or free DLC (not that in store bs) to persuade a new game purchase, they rather take away features and shovel a whole bunch of 99 cent DLC in your face after you just bought your brand spanking new game.

Also, used games are not "crippling" the market the same way piracy would. Slight contrast. These companies just want more money.

This isn't the way.

midgard2273097d ago

r u serious?????? lol u cnt be that blind. while we all luv to save money in the long run u shud realize that less money for devs mean less quality games and the eventually downfall of gaming as dev cost rise.

heres simple math. im just pullin numbers out of my butt but still so u get the point.

halo sells 2 mill new copies and 4-5 mill used copies.

people r more likely to buy it used, when the person is done they trade it back and another person buys the same used copies. thats 2 sales that the devs lost.

the cycle keeps going millions of times over so just imagine the loss.

while it sux u cant blame devs for making up dlc and charging online.

Baka-akaB3097d ago

wich is why i dont get much people's enthusiasm about being conned by the like of gamestops .
If budget is an issue and you do need used games , people should have traded between themselves , especially with the help of massive networks such as craiglist , ebay , priceminister etc , rather than fuelling chain stores' shenanigans .

If more people had done so , such measures wouldnt have appeared so soon .

"Also, used games are not "crippling" the market the same way piracy would. Slight contrast."

That's debatable .For starters it is not uncommon for a group of people to use rental and used games to copy games .

And there are numerous cases of people buying games they truly enjoyed , after trying it illegally .
While there is almost no chance of finding someone buying a new copy , once he already own a used game

reintype3097d ago

Not all people share the same likes and dislikes, and with that, we also have different priorities.

A game worth $60 for me, might not be worth that much to you, and vice-versa.

Take RDR for example, for most gamers this would be Day 1 $60 easy. But for me, it's not an essential purchase. But since, I've been hearing good things about it, I might give it a go.

Sadly, we don't live in a perfect world, where everyone of us is rich, and can buy anything we want. So, I see nothing wrong if people like me wants to find the best deal possible, so we could stretch our limited income as far as it can go. If it's the bargain bin, or used then so be it.

And yeah, paying for online because I bought it used is IMO a d!ck move.

Montrealien3097d ago (Edited 3097d ago )

yeah, I think this makes complete sense since the used game friction really started to happen with online games since people who bought a used game would play on the same servers, in a way, playing for free since a portion of the new games sales go toward maintaining all the online support, and that is getting more and more expessive in a games budget.

This is a great compromise imho, and a sign that publishers understand that the used game market is not going anywhere.

poopface13097d ago (Edited 3097d ago )

And ME2 does it the good way with free future content. I dont think paying for online is good at all, but it should force the price of used games down, which is good as fairly recent used games are overpriced already anyways.

Gamestop/others will have to offer decent used game prices now. I dont usually buy used because of the marginal savings anyways.

I dont usually play that many games online(not from EA/Ubi). You could actually save money if you wanted to buy used and not play online now.

I only wanted to play the single player of dead space 2 anyways.

EDIT-- I DONT THINK ANYTHING WILL CHANGE WITH THIS. The price of used games should just drop to reflect this change or else NO ONE will buy them.

edit2-- it just pisses people off, makes playing online with used games a hassel, ruins rental services... I can see why these publishers like It will make their games sell LESS and THEY WILL LOSE MONEY/CUSTOMERS no matter what happens.

BloodyNapkin3097d ago

This also effects people that rent, not only people that buy used. Buying used games and stealing them are 2 different ways of crippling said systems. One is illegal and the other is not.

They do not want to slow down used games sales they just want more money and this seems to be a good target. And they could still profit off of used games sales, and make used games stores give them a slice of the profit. Sure they would raise the price of used games a bit or give you less for buying games from you. But i think this would be better way to do it.

Just think about it this way. Say you went to a dodge dealership and bought a used chevy silverado and come to find out to use the heat or radio you would have to pay an etxra fee. Or what about a used CD that to access all track you would have to pay a hidden fee. You could go all day long with this and the gaming industry is the only one's doing this. But others might follow suit after this.

Death3097d ago

When games are rented or sold pre-owned, the publisher and developer are losing out. It;s not like Gamestop is selling used games at a big discount. They actively push a pre-owned game that is $5 less than new since it has a bigger profit margin. When a game is resold it is a lost sale for the publisher and they get nothing. By implementing a $5-$10 fee for extra content that is included free for new buyers, they are recouping some of this loss. This will also force companies like Gamestop to lower their prices on used games since it won't be as enticing to save $5 on a used copy. This bodes well for gamers since prices will go down as long as the exclusive content isn't that important to them.

If we want developers to keep making great multi-million dollar games we are going to want to support them. If they can't make a profit, they won't make the games we love.


JD_Shadow3097d ago

@BloodyNapkin "This also effects people that rent, not only people that buy used. Buying used games and stealing them are 2 different ways of crippling said systems. One is illegal and the other is not."

So renting games is akin to STEALING the game? I'm a bit lost of how that's possible seeing as how you pay Gamefly a monthly fee to have their service, and with the in-store rental places, you only get to keep the game for a certain number of days or pay a late fee for each additional day you have it (or whatever penalty the store would have). And with Gamefly, you have a "Keep" option. That means that if you like the game enough, you can pay whatever it would be to "keep" the game, get the original box and manual in the mail (they'll let you know if there is something that would be in the retail copies that's not in their's), and the next game in the GameQ would be shipped. I know because I'm one of Gamefly's customers, and I haven't had a problem with them yet (how do you think I've discovered how underrated Ghostbusters is and how under the radar Dead Space was?). I'm not sure what you mean by "stealing". Seems like you want buying new games from the store to be the only option available. You want to take away people's right to read reviews on a game (which might be biased anyway, but you get what I'm saying)?

@Pandamobile This "horrible" used game market has been around since the PS1 days. Hell, the NES and Super NES days had Babbages and Funcoland, which were, more or less, the exact same game Gamestop is now. If it was going to "cripple" the gaming industry, it would've done so by now. We would've never gotten to the PSWii60 gen by now.

And I'm sure you just LOVE the Assassin's Creed 2 DRM that's on that PC game disc, do you?

But I think we shouldn't be bitching. After all, this is what we asked for, right? We wanted them to "kill Gamestop/piracy/whatever" that we complain about, and this is what we get. This is a lesson of being careful of what you ask for. Why? Because, as we have seen from AC2 and now this thing, you just might GET IT!

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rexus123453097d ago

If you buy a used game, technically it's the previous owners that took features away, not the game publisher.
It's common sense, second-hand buyers shouldn't expect the same quality and features as first-hand

ipe3097d ago

be compared to piracy on pc. On pc u just need to dw game from torrent.

anyway ey can forget about my cash, reason more to save something 4 new car.