Bungie struggling to get online Halo 3 co-op mode running

Despite a two player co-op mode having been confirmed for Halo 3, it unfortunately looks as if the respecitve game mode will only be available as a LAN or split screen option as Bungie are struggling to get the co-op mode running on-line. Speaking to EG, Bungie's Frank O'Conner stated "I think the biggest problem for us for online co-op is that we have a situation where you can be in a Warthog with five troops, almost a mile away from the other player. That's a significant challenge." Although it may be possible that an online co-op mode could come by way of a new piece of downloadable content in the future.

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Lowtax5427d ago

If you ever watched the Halo 2 extra disk, all Bungie does is sit around. When it's time to get something done it's at the last minute; most dissapointing game of E3.

Skillet_1355427d ago

Ya Halo 3 was definitely a disappointment at E3.

nobizlikesnowbiz5427d ago

It was a dissapointment at E3. If you would read some info you would know that the private hands-on that people got was significantly better looking in every respect.

KZ2 still needs madd work. Good luck seeing it by Xmas '08.

i Shank u5427d ago (Edited 5427d ago )

dude im a big halo fan, and i hate to say it but i agree. In the original halo, there are places, such as the opening scene in the cargo bay on the Pillar of Autumn, where the textures are placeholder and not finished. In H2 they admitted to rushing plenty im not going to get into it, and they also admitted they had to rush Halo 1. WTF bungie? if this game has no online co-op, and come on! DOOM 3 for Xbox 1 did!, holy crap man im gonna crap on you bungie.

swear to god that the past year all i read about from them is how they playtest the sh!t out of this game. what the [email protected] is their plan; playtest, then add features later and playtest more? Bungie, you need a new position over there called "Slavedriver", and im your man for it. im pissed off man i was looking foward to online co-op, at least 2 player maybe 4. My friends and I dont live next door anymore and we dont have all thepeople and time to have halo parties. wtf bungie wtf bungie W T F

TheSadTruth5427d ago

I'm probably one of the biggest Halo fans here and I wholeheartedly agree.. watching the video documentaries reveals that they spend hours upon hours testing and reworking multiplayer maps... which isn't necessarily that important in my opinion. The single player and multiplayer teams are different.. I'm not sure which one works on co-op, but they have had PLENTY of time to get it done.

icdedppl5427d ago

wow, this sucks. was really looking forward to online co-op. i mean, they have to have unlimited resources from ms at this point. can't they throw some more devs over to them to get this done??

Skynetone5427d ago

if ya never seen halo im sure you'ed thing its cool but with 4 million pre-orders WTF was that crap

i thought bungie would push the 360 to the max and wow us at every turn but so far i havent been wowed once WTF

the multi-player online is just that, no amazing tatics, no destructible environments from what ive seen, no amazing graphics, its just your bog standard run and gun, its still fun but i expected more

i thought the reason the graphics were so crap was to have four player on-line and know there saying it cant be done WTF

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AznSniper5427d ago

aww come on.....i was really looking forward to this

The Swordsman5427d ago (Edited 5427d ago )

Bungie struggling to get online Halo 3 co-op mode... runnung? Anyway, will this game live up to all the hype or disappoint?

Edit: Who is argeeing and disagreeing with me? How can you agree or disagree with a question? How?

Skillet_1355427d ago

I only have a PS3 but I really hope Halo 3 lives up to the hype. After playing the beta I was extremly dissapointed.

Dukester1015427d ago

I think they're saying that to get people talking and to "freak" them out that there's not going to be online co-op out of the box.

Anyone remember how pissed everyone was that there was no online co-op in Halo 2, and then Bungie saying we tried, but were restricted on time.

Well, they've had H3 in development since before Halo 2 was releases... I think that's enough time... but again, I think they're just trying to generate some talk and get the hype going for this again as it seems to have died down a bit.