GameSpot: Sherlock Holmes vs. Jack the Ripper Review

GameSpot writes: "Staging a showdown between the Victorian era's greatest fictional hero and one of its greatest real-life villains is a fantastic idea for fiction. Unfortunately, the idea is so fantastic that it has been done many times before in movies and books. So Sherlock Holmes vs. Jack the Ripper seems kind of passe on arrival despite being the first adventure game featuring the travails of the legendary detective in a deerstalker to hit the Xbox 360. Largely generic gameplay carried over from its 2009 PC predecessor doesn't help matters, either. Investigations range from morbid-yet-gripping examinations of Ripper murder victims in infamous places like Buck's Row and Mitre Square, to adventure-game cliches where Holmes shelves his detective skills to fix gas lines and sic cats on hookers, making for one uneven escapade through the London fog".

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earbus3072d ago

This games a nice change of pace lol good thing i dont listen to reviews most games i like this gen seem to get a six the spoonfed commercial games that get nine are the ones i like least.