Preview - 'Lost Odyssey'

If Blue Dragon is Mistwalker's take on Dragon Quest, then Lost Odyssey is their Final Fantasy. Set in a world that mixes high technology with high magic and built using the Unreal engine, it's a 40- to 50-hour RPG, with a story that Microsoft describes as an "emotional rollercoaster."

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THAMMER14137d ago

I'm also glad this guy has clothes on. I think I'll go pre order this.

Odion4137d ago

Hey Blue Dragon is next gen Chrono Trigger not Dragon Quest!

kewlkat0074137d ago (Edited 4137d ago )

What a great game. as well as the OST. Chrono Cross was alright. If anybody is into VGame Music, "The girl who stole the stars" track from that game is beautiful. I'll be getting this fo sho. I'm liking all the new pics and videos lately. The story is still a mystery to me.