Game Trailers Red Dead Redemption Comparison

Xbox 360 vs. PS3 Red Dead Redemption comparison from


Comparison shows the PS3's inferior texture and native resolution as well as some missing shadowing and objects in the game world.

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B-Real2063072d ago (Edited 3072d ago )

ha ha who cares we still have about 20 other studios that can do 720 or up. If the game is fun and your interested in it. Buy it. It's that simple.

SullyDrake3072d ago

No more comparisons, please. Save the space for actual news and articles!

Strange_Evil3072d ago (Edited 3072d ago )

We still have LOT and Digital Foundry comparison left.. Sigh, 2 more threads where fanboys will fight like cats and dogs.

captain-obvious3072d ago

i got it on the PS3
its not as bad as everyone thinks

it maybe worse than the xbox
but it still looks very good

what i hate is they turned red dead into another GTA clone
the first red dead was liner, arcady , and you could play with more that one character
and there was crap load of multiplayer characters
and i really loved the first one

but over all the game is great

BiggCMan3072d ago

i know i definitely agree with you, while i havnt played the game yet, it still looks good, but its just not the same as the original to be called a sequel, its an entirely different game all together, the problem with calling redemption grand theft auto though, is the fact that there is no automobiles, so they couldnt name it gta:old west or somethin like that. back on topic. saw the vid, not to impressed with the graphics for the game overall, but for comparisons sake, there is BARELY any differences. i bet that they dont have the ps3 optimized to get the best graphics either, thats why u always get that washed out look. see what people dont know is that you need to go to display settings on the ps3 and change these 3 things (turn ON cross color reduction filter, change RGB full range to FULL from LIMITED, and turn ON the super white settings) although i have a 1080p HD television, so im not sure if this applies to everyone, but it certainly should apply in comparison videos.

Orange3071d ago

Yeah, it's a little depressing to have it in your face. Why aren't there shadows under the piers during the riverboat shot. argh.

oh well. i look at p0rn on a laptop instead of an HD screen and it still does the job.

agree about the GTA clone comment so far. i can't help thinking of GTA when i jack a wagon or horse from some dude.

Xulap3071d ago


Red Dead Redemption is not a sequel to Red Dead Revolver. It's more like a spiritual successor. Just like BioShock and System Shock, Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, among other games.

Man In Black3072d ago

And I haven't noticed any major frame-rate drops, although there is quite a bit of pop-in. Definitely not bad, though.

HQLocated1113072d ago

lol the game is still a pretty ugly game even if it would've been in 720p, if I want to play a TPS with better graphics than anything on the xbox, I can play Uncharted 2 or even MGS4. So who cares about these stupid comparisons, it just proves that R* got lazy with their development, nothing else.

Christopher3071d ago (Edited 3071d ago )

I will say that the alpha issues with foliage really does bother my eye at times on the PS3 version. The game looks good, but not even close to what we've come to expect from a studio like R*.

TheXgamerLive3071d ago (Edited 3071d ago )

Everyone needs to know how the consoles stack up to each other, not in a bash you/me kinda way though.
Also, It tells Rockstar what they need to clean up in game, even the bugs are found this way. I've already put in over 25 hrs and am only 36% through it. I'm just now on my way to mexico.

I have the Xbox 360 version, My friend who has the ps3 version also found a bug with the gamestop pre order. The Assassins outfit it's not available yet b/c he can't find the Mo van barr wanted poster, he has all the other 4 items complete but the game won't produce the wanted poster and he's done now over some 20 bounty's so there are bugs in the game, many but it's still hella fun.

Inside_out3071d ago (Edited 3071d ago )

Is it really that bad....Playstation mag gave it a 10/10...They must of played it on a 360...looks PS2 like, like the game BULLY...those'd be upset if I paid full price for THAT....

I hope AGENT doesn't turn out like that....This and then Rockstar saying they prefer XBL over Sony....ooouucchh...not a good wk for Sony...

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LordMarius3072d ago (Edited 3072d ago )

Every time I play this game, I notice the pop-ins and the framerate....What have you done to me N4G?

Mo0eY3072d ago (Edited 3072d ago )

I'm too busy looking for 5 foxes, 5 skunks, and 5 raccoons to even notice the pop-in.

As for framerate, my brother and I were in Blackwater (which happens to be next to the ocean). We started to acquire a bounty, and that's when 10 cops ran in. The game hit 5FPS after that so we had to jump off the buildings we were sitting on to kill ourselves so the cops would go away. Good times.

I love this game regardless of the visual impairments though. I've already pumped in 2 days and 9 hours of playtime, and I'm only 50% done. I've only touched the MP four or five times now. I can't wait to get into that portion of the game.

LordMarius3072d ago

Oh yeah the game is fun, although honestly Im quite lost as to what I have to do or why in the SP(didnt pay attention to the intro). But the MP is fun

BannedForNineYears3072d ago

*********Spoilarrrrrrrrrrz**** ****
Elijah, you play a guy that was in a gang that took money from rich people and gave it to poor people (kinda) and also killed people.
The gang left you to die, the government took your family and is making you kill the 3 other members of the gang so that you can get your family back.....More or less......I think.......I'm really bad at paying attention to story lines. -_-
*********End of the spoilarrrrrrz*****

Faztkiller3072d ago

I've not noticed anything except in the tall tree area pop-in is horrible and its amazing how bad these comparisons make it look but when I play it looks nothing like that

electricshadow3072d ago

Oh joys unbound. This is only the 5th comparison article we've had in the last three days. Keep fighting fanboys.

moodymofo3072d ago (Edited 3072d ago )

my ps3 version doesnt look that flat and colorless, i smell deseption

niceguywii603072d ago (Edited 3072d ago )

The 360 version doesn't look that bland either on hardware running on the a HDTV. The point is to show the differences, doesn't matter if we think the web does not do the game justice on respective consoles because no matter on the web or our TV's the deferences are still there. Hell the internet probably hides a greater difference.

"I smell deseption"

Yes :p 99.9% of the industry are making this up lol. Everybody knows the internet does not exactly match game software running on our hardware hooked up to our HDTV's.

LOL at your conspiracy theories, the lifeless pixelated PS3 footage was faked but the 360 interwebz quality pixelated footage is an exact mirror image of the 360 version running on hardware hooked up to a HDTV.

lordkemp0073072d ago

I have finally found love, it happened late last night.
She is a scrumptious black beauty with long legs and an incredible athletic toned body. She has long blonde flowing hair.
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We seem to have already travelled wide and far. I have named her 'Dances with records.'

She is my Warhorse that i got a free code for.
I am playing on PS3. Don't be put off PS3 owners, by what you may have read over the last few days about the playstation version. While it is somewhat disappointing that the developers couldn't maintain visual parity with its xbox counterpart, it certainly does not dilute, nor take anything away from the overall experience.

Get the game its fantastic and enjoy it thoroughly on whatever console you may own.
Look out for me on the range, i will be the one riding the black beauty!

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