The Top 5 most frustrating moments in Gaming

SWANTONMASTER brings you the top 5 hardest and most infuriating video gaming moments to ever grace our screens.

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TenSteps3261d ago

It was those damn satyr's that are frustrating

Gun_Senshi3260d ago

hardest boss in gow3 is hades...

Darkstorn3260d ago

I beat him on literally my first try. Zeus was considerably more difficult.

WhittO3260d ago

The first sequence with Zeus was soo hard haha, thought I was doing it wrong, the rest of it seemed really easy in comparison.

The boss I actually died on the Most was the mini 1 - the Ice Spider thing that you had to shatter its legs with the fists of Hercules.

Strange_Evil3260d ago (Edited 3260d ago )

The fight can be easy if you know the tricks against the Satyrs... The best way to kill them is use the Hades Claw magic (Gorgon Serpent which turns enemies into rocks like medusa).. As soon as you chop off 1 head of the cerebus, a satyr will pop out, instantly use the claw magic and the thing will turn to stone which you can break easily....

Beating the Cerebus just takes time.... Just make sure you kick those fkin hounds back and hit him with the Cestus....

EDIT: Oh sorry meant to reply below..

TrailerParkSupervisr3260d ago

I agree! I never throw my controller anymore and he made me launch it across the room on more than one occasion.

And, ahem...nothing from Demon's Souls? Half the bosses on DS kicked my ass over and over and over again.

TrailerParkSupervisr3260d ago (Edited 3260d ago )


Double post

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bjornbear3260d ago (Edited 3260d ago )

however i found that an effective way to get rid of those damn satyr's is to grapple them from far away and throw them all over the place, they are quite light

to me the hardest boss so far was hades too, but its also probably the best "traditional" boss fight ever (traditional as in, nothing like Chronos where its far from traditional but still awesome!)

edit: @ below:

yes i agree! IF there is a gorgon around them...which isn't always the case =(

Max Power3260d ago

The best way is to turn them into stone with the gorgon and smash them. At least that is the way I did it.

ExcelKnight3260d ago

But isn't there supposed to be a gorgon soul attack? Unless I'm forgetting something critical about Titan that prevents using it.

Strange_Evil3260d ago

There is a Gorgon Serpent in the Soul selection option once you upgrade the Hades claws... Thats the best way to deteat the Satyrs... Turn the mother fkers to stone and smash them to bits.

HolyOrangeCows3260d ago

I almost wimped out to an easier difficulty with Radec, but I persevered and got him.

Bodyboarder_VGamer3260d ago

OMG Radec was a pain in the ass on elite. It literally takes an hour to beat him!

Koromaro3260d ago

I have yet to beat Radec on my saved file and i got Killzone 2 a few days after launch =(

TooTall193260d ago

was easier than the waves beforehand. That's where I kept dying. It was a good challenge though and I'm glad they made it that way. I hope they don't wuss out on the 3rd.

mephixto3260d ago (Edited 3260d ago )

Radec is very easy, just use the flamethrower and the knife, he only screams and run in circles. He will die in less than five minutes on elite.

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N4BmpS3260d ago

OMG seriously even on normal when you went to Hades the second time(I think it was) and fought the Spawning Cerberus I almost cried, it was the 'WTF are you doing to me?' moment that GoW is known for.

And Gun Senshi are talkin about on Chaos mode cuz everybody is Hard but on lower difficulties no he's not. Just my opinion.
My easiest/funnest boss was Hermes

maxxb1173260d ago

This is a pretty lame and unthoughtful list.

maxxb1173260d ago

I know I had a tough time with Contra III...

Kerrby3260d ago

I agree.

Radec fair enough for that list but I beat Lavarevic on my first attempt. I thought he was a pretty easy boss.

yog-sothot3260d ago

For me, Cerberus was probably the hardest boss in the Titan mode of GOW3 (I can't even imagine what it must be in chaos mode !)

I surprised myself by beating Hades at my first try for example, and Zeus is no big deal once you know how to play it.

But I started the fight against Cerberus without any power in the Olympus Blade and there was so much sh*t on the screen I was just going crazy. But I disagree with the article about the dogs, they were not the problem. The satyr's were the problem !

TooTall193260d ago

The only way I could beat it was to use all my magic when the first came up, and then activate chaos mode when there were 2 of them. I actually beat Zeus quickly. The 2d part was super easy even on titan when you used those lion mittens.

PS360PCROCKS3260d ago

Beat Hades 1st try, beat Zeus on my millionth try. That first sequence was brutal

FACTUAL evidence3260d ago (Edited 3260d ago )

Lazaravic on crushing...he didn't even kill me once. I had a tougher time on hard. Although I did have experience fighting him on hard, owned him less than 2 mins on crushing no joke. already know i hate you...If you didn't make me cry on elite I probably felt like my life meant nothing for 2 days lmao hella hard.

EDIT: It wasn't even radec that was hard.....It was actually getting up to him! -_-

JonnyBigBoss3260d ago

I 1-shotted Cerberus on Hard by using Gorgon Flash. No joke.

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Darkstorn3261d ago

All the situations on this list are from contemporary games; where are all the bone-crushing older games, where is Level 5-2 from Demon's Souls?

I for one didn't think Lazarevic was particularly difficult in Uncharted 2, nor was Radec that hard in Killzone (hint: turn your speakers up for the battle, it will make it much easier).

NeoSprtacus3260d ago

Agree on the Demon's Souls, especially when you can't run away to get distance from the giant goblins since you're just in that pool of poison. I remember staying on the ledge and shooting 200+ arrows trying to kill the 3 giant goblins surrounding that one island. I was the fool to think there'd be anything good there though.

I'd have to say Lazarevic and Radec were only frustrating on the hardest difficulties

Nugundam00793260d ago

did you have to mention Demon Souls......"remembers tough times"

N4BmpS3260d ago

Yeah for Radec Stand up againts a wall where you can see everything it's cake after that. And Lazarevic Run Like Hell keep shooting the tree it only took two tries to kill him it was fun but it keeps u on the edge

Shadow Flare3261d ago

Playing tekken online for the first time, i actually broke a controller. i thought i was quite good at tekken, but i'm not. When you get kicked in the air at the start of the match and stay up in the air cos they're smacking a 20 hit combo in your face...then its hammer time

ironfist923261d ago

Dont forget Nancy and Azazel.

Gun_Senshi3260d ago

and I was not able to play at all!

Hurray broken online system in all fighting games, except BB

MGOelite3260d ago

radec pissed me off for like 2 hours, i was so happy when he blew his own head off =)

Redempteur3260d ago (Edited 3260d ago )

this list for this gen ... there are actually much more frustrating moments in old gens games ...
(metal slug 3 last level ?? for example )

Rocket Sauce3260d ago

Maximum Carnage on SNES/Genesis eats these games for breakfast