Hideo Kojima Autograph Signings Scheduled for Los Angeles and New York

Did you miss your chance to meet Hideo Kojima for the launch of Metal Gear Solid 4? You'll have yet another opportunity, this time to coincide with the launch of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. Provided you're willing to travel to Los Angeles or New York, you'll be able to say "Hi!" to the man most famously known for his involvement in the Zone of the Enders franchise.

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knight6263098d ago

might go to the Los Angeles one its only like 30 mins away from me...and finally get a chance to meet one of my heros ;)

Nugundam00793098d ago

I saw him in new york for mgs4 im going to see him again!! LOL

Gamerbee3097d ago

I respected you until you sold out & took a killer Sony game to Microsoft.