Backbreaker demo launches today, exclusive for Xbox Live Gold subscribers

Kick off the new American football season by downloading the Backbreaker demo on the Xbox Marketplace right now, exclusive for Gold subscribers.

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Simon_Brezhnev3436d ago (Edited 3436d ago )

well any 360 owner that downloads this tell me your thoughts on the demo

OGharryjoysticks3435d ago (Edited 3435d ago )

Madden has nothing to worry about. Backbreakers graphics were generic, the controls were dumb, and the overall vibe screamed waste of time. I deleted it before I made it through the tutorial.

m233436d ago

I've downloaded it, but still gotta try it out.

SmokedOut3435d ago

I downloaded and played the demo on xbl. Its very different and I didnt like it at all. Its so different than Madden as far as the way it plays,not in a good way. As much as I hate to say I will stay with Madden.Plus I dont have much fun playing with fake teams and fake player names,yes I know they cant do real names or teams but it sucks imo.

Smootherkuzz3435d ago

I played it over and each time liking it a little more, at 1st it does seem to be to much trouble but there is a learning factor and once you understand the controls and camera switching it gets easier to enjoy. the camera switch during a interception by your team needs alittle work,there's hardly is any button control and most all movement is done by sticking (I like buttons).I like where they are trying to go but fine tuning is needed and remember this is just a demo maybe the final cut will fix some of the missing tweaks. even though it is a strange version of toe ball,I can't stop playing it maybe because it is so different then Madden, it has a arena football feel alittle.Takes some getting used to, so did Madden.

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