Take initial UFC 2010 reviews with a grain of salt.

"At this time, most reviews are directly stating that they have not yet played the online component. While the initial opinions have come out praising the game, in particular, Gamepro gave it a 5/5, we find it hard to review an unfinished product. The multiplayer is a huge component for many games and ads much of a games replay value. Gamepro off handedly mentions multiplayer in their review, as if it is something trivial."

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midi3258d ago

If reviewers are out there giving this game a score without playing the different gameplay components, they need to be having a wee word with themselves.

cain1413258d ago

I've stopped trusting a lot of the big sites since they all seem to do this...

nnotdead3257d ago

it does seem to be am increasing trend. if they want to review the parts of the game seperate then fine, but to give an overall score with out playing everything is lame.

ironfist923257d ago

EA's MMA will get more justified review scores

johnbknight3258d ago

Yeah, might as well give a game a review based on the pics and videos released...

cain1413258d ago

I was thinking the demo but same thing haha...

knight6263258d ago

might not be a perfect game but i think its going to be better than the first UFC iam expecting an average score of 8.5 - 9.0

cain1413258d ago

If I was rating it without playing the whole thing, you know like gamepro, I would say the exact same thing haha...

Will depend on the multiplayer for me probably...

nnotdead3257d ago

from what i played from the demo its going to be lots of fun. hope the online works better, and career mode hopfully will be more fun.

Magical Nate3258d ago

Yeah thats pretty dumb. They are only giving it a great score because it's made by a big name company and it looks pretty. They are trying to make THQ happy so that they will send them crap. It's prostitution of the video game industry.

nnotdead3257d ago

while i think its dumb, i dont think Gamepro is trying to make THQ, of all the developers/publishers, happy. it more of a growing trend in reviews. look at the early MAG reviews.

BetaChris3258d ago

The only way this would make any logical sense is if they updated their review to reflect the online functionality, when available. Or, is journalistic integrity to much to expect these days? :P

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