Will Medal of Honor Be Able To Topple Call of Duty?

As the great Solid Snake once said, 'War has Changed.' Modern war at least, since the original release of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare the face of console FPS gaming has shifted dramatically from it's infamous World War roots to a more high-tech playground. This isn't to say that 'modern day' shooters never really happened prior, or that Infinity Ward is single-handedly responsible for informing the teenagers everywhere about how an AC-130 works. But the genre has most definitely become more streamlined, and the action has taken a very different shape in the wake of CoD 4's success. The two most recent players? Treyarch and EA, both working hard to make sure that their respective series will wind up at the top of the sales charts. The real question is, which one deserves more attention, Medal of Honor or Call of Duty: Black Ops?

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tdogchristy903254d ago

I support this like white on rice and really hope it does well. So in that respect yes I hope it takes COD off it's thrown.

Marcus Fenix3254d ago

60 fps+ really detailed textures, we've seen a glimpse of gameplay in the trailer but it grabbed me nonetheless, looking forward 2 it and wish that it had an open beta, im sure we'll see a reasonably lengthed gameplay footage this E3.

Sanrin3254d ago

If anything it'll be a great chance for gamers to see what the men and women on the front lines are up to! Exciting stuff!

knight6263254d ago

might not beat CODs MP but i hope the story is better than COD MW...i liked the story on COD:MW but on MW2 i was little disappointed on the ending just hope MoH doesnt do that

duplissi3253d ago

well considering the mulitplayer is being headed by dice (yay) it should be more than better than mw2's multiplayer.

i have high hopes for the single player... i hate how mw went from black hawk down realistic, gritty, and epic in your face war sucks to micheal bay transformers boom.....

ultramoot3254d ago

If you mean "topple COD" as in, "being unbroken, uncliched and un-hollywoodish" then yeah, it has a good chance of toppling COD. But in terms of sales figures and hype, not really.

The Slash3253d ago

I haven't enjoyed COD for a while. Last one I really enjoyed was 2. I think it's over hyped now. So yes, I hope MOH topples it.