Killzone 3 Is Brought To Light [Analysis]

PlayStrum writes: "It started with a screenshot leaked by Konsolifin and soon escalated to an expanding stream of information flowing through the internet's many gaming news outlets. Guerilla Games' graphically gorgeous First Person Shooter is back in the form of Killzone 3. It's probably only a matter of weeks until we get deeper in detail with the upcoming Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), but fans of the franchise couldn't wait. News of the game is spreading like wildfire and from what we've witnessed in the screens, it's for a good reason."

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Cevapi883098d ago

an engrossing story with the amazing graphics plus some of the most realistic gameplay/shooting mechanics=AWESOME

i bet that the snow environment is going to be one of many to come....UC2 raised the bar with snow excited to see what GG can come up with...

Chubear3098d ago (Edited 3098d ago )

Could you imagine the insane environments?! WOW

Allelujah003098d ago

Welcome back Guerilla Games!!! We all knew it was coming from Jack's interview on GT but what we didn't know was anything about it. Snow environments are always Epic, and I'm guessing this will probably be the last in the story because I don't think it will be on Earth or Helghan and the final battle will therefore be carried out on a barren planet that is theirs to wreck? Anyway, the only thing I'm concerned about is the 3D maybe it will limit it's graphical qualities but still, Epic! Oh my god how long till release, can't wait!

Forbidden_Darkness3097d ago

If you saw the pictures, you can tell it'll stay on the level of KZ2's graphics atleast.

Hideo_Kojima3097d ago

Makes me realize that there is a huge amount of room for improvement in graphics for non 3D PS3 exclusives.

I seriously think GG are some the best gaming developers when it comes to graphics and efficiency.

DA_SHREDDER3097d ago

@ Cevapi , I cant argue with anything you said but the realistic/shooting mechanics ? Really? I dont care how beautiful this game is, I aint buying it if the controls was as wack as last time. Those pics are amazing though.

Cevapi883097d ago

Newton and his laws of physics say HI!!!!

MAR-TYR-DOM3097d ago

yeah i understand the weighty controls were for realism, but i just hope they have an option to change between weighty and arcade style. Im not dissing KZ controls, but COD4 has changed the console FPS genre and lots of people are used to that feel. Guerilla Games should try to do what ever they can to allow as many people to enjoy the game as possible.

BrutallyBlunt3097d ago

Love games set in the snow. This game will be visually stunning too.

Tsar4ever013097d ago

I'm glad they're stretching the series, but I HOPE they at least make the game more COLORFUL, that was one of my few little gripes about the game. Too much damn grey/brown all over. And also the muzzle flashes of the assault rifle weapons needs to be redone, something like the 1st Rainbow six: las vegas game would be nice. I think.

SonyOwnsNextYear3097d ago

i mentioned this bout a month ago.

Hideo_Kojima3097d ago

Does that mean you go undercover dressed up as a helghan and try beat them from inside? Or vise versa...

That sounds bad ass and we might see more stealth in this game.
A bit of stealth is good in any shooter.

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sikbeta3098d ago

KZ3 will Be Just Awesome...


Chubear3098d ago


on a side note. Don't think much will be shown of KZ3 at E#. Tops it'll be a teaser or trailer that shows some of what we've seen in these pics but I think they'll focus more on Resistance3 for footage since that might be the FPS coming out this year for Sony.

Shadow Flare3098d ago

Well Guerilla are using the same game engine to make Killzone 3, so don't be surprised if Killzone 3 is further along then you think. May even launch spring 2011

sikbeta3098d ago



RememberThe3573098d ago

I think Killzone 2 is much further along then we think it is (that sounds contradictory). Even with the bullet commercial they were talking about how they had upgraded the engine to show dynamic reflections in the water(this game is going to look so damn good).

Hideo_Kojima3097d ago

Yeah and they said that soon after they finished the game they found a way to add pores to the clothing which they used in that trailer...

all that in just 1 or 2 months.

I am gob-smacked that they are pulling 3D on Killzone 3.
That means that any game could possibly turn 3D as KZ2 is the best looking console game.

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NastyLeftHook3098d ago

i cant wait for this game, imagine how awesome the graphics and jetpacks will be!

scar203098d ago


Maldread3097d ago

Not sure if this is accurate, but march 13th 2011 could be the day according to this :

Now stop pulling your hair out, if you`re not going for a summer haircut that is ;)

RatFuker3098d ago (Edited 3098d ago )

im counting it as a runner up got goty already.