Bring Back J!

Yesterday was pretty traumatic. Microsoft's Peter Moore is no longer Microsoft's. He's moved onto Electronic Arts, leaving a gianormous charismatic hole in the Xbox division's front office. Some dude is replacing Moore. Not sure who or what this dude is, but following in Moore's footsteps will be hard. Just look at Moore's gaming cred: he previously worked on the Dreamcast for SEGA and later got tattoos for Microsoft. That's bad ass. Sure, the new dude's got a track record, but how can he top that? Impossible!

Which is why Kotaku is starting an entirely inappropriate internet campaign: bring back J.

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zonetrooper55424d ago

So are you gonna sign it or what?

Odion5424d ago

lol if J Allard came back it would be like the second coming, that man could get you excited to buy a jelly spreading game.

Premonition5424d ago

I liked J allerd when he was there, he made me happy about 360, and for a while I didnt notice he was gone, then peter moore came along and he didnt make 360 look cool. I think J is for the hip people who understands the system.

cr33ping_death5424d ago

wow an online petition over some guy .....not gonna work

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The story is too old to be commented.