Preview Sony's Echochrome now - on PC

Remember how Valve Software announced Portal and it subsequently emerged that a project that inspired the puzzle game could be downloaded from the 'net?

Well, a similar thing has happened with Sony's Echochrome, it's a PSN/PS3 puzzle game that was announced at E3 that's based on the manipulation of 3D objects that make up each of its levels. The idea is to guide a matchstick man to safety.

OLE Coordinate System, which you can download now for PC, features a very similar concept and has presumably inspired Echochrome.

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actionjackson5418d ago

looks pretty darn interesting. Talk about brain teaser. I think it's a definite purchase.

Toxic Shock5418d ago (Edited 5418d ago )

I did not see that one posted and no one reported it. Different site so it did not show as a duplicate. I gave ya some bubbles for your troubles. Sorry again.

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