PS3 outsold Xbox 360 2:1 in Japan

According to Japanese games magazine publisher Enterbrain - by way of the Reuters news agency - Sony had sold 1.01m PS3s in Japan between from the console's 11 November 2006 debut there to 15 July 2007.

The Xbox 360, which arrived in Japan in December 2005, almost a year before the PS3, has only racked up local sales of 420,705, between that date and 8 July, Enterbrain's numbers show.

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Blankman5427d ago (Edited 5427d ago )

finally someone compare wii numbers with 360 numbers for a change and leave sony alone. Media jst can't get enough of rippin on sony.

Yea but it is hypocritical to compare sony numbers with wii in japan and sony with msoft in US and not do the same everywhere else. Sure sony used to be king, infact they still are the ps2 is still alive and kicking and isnt going anywhere. This leaves them at a disadvantage because less gamers will be willing to make that jump from ps2 to ps3 if they are still enjoying ps3 games. Same can't be said for the gamecube or regular xbox. Sony came out with a more expensive console, less impressive games and stiff competition from 360 and wii and still manage to pull xbox 360 sales over the same time period. No one recognizes this all they see is xbox out sells ps3 2-1, Sony loses yet another exclusive blah bla blah. The negative press behind ps3 is far too much. If ps3 had the 3 red lights problem we wouldnt hear the end of it and people would have been screamin recall msoft jst extends warranty 3 yrs and its all gud. Sony just caught some serious bad luck this yr. No one likes to see the king untop for too long so now they try to pull him down.

VaeVictus5427d ago

I think it's important to note that a large portion of Famitsu's most wanted are PS3 titles. Once these games hit, the PS3 will do better in Japan.

Handhelds own Japan.

Odion5427d ago

Blackman the reason why the PS3 is nailed so hard in Japan is because just last year they were the undisputed king of the nation, its just a bigger defeat for Sony because they loss their crown and now their so low.

But MS has always SUCKED in Japan no doubt about it the xbox never sold out of the first shipment, and the 360 is doing pretty much as crappy, so its not news when the guy in last place is still in last place.

Shadow Flare5427d ago (Edited 5427d ago )

"Peter Moore: Sony's Business in Japan is 'Crumbling'"

So i hear you quit Peter?


Thammer, im part of the problem on this site because i prefer ps3 and you prefer 360? Or im part of the problem because 5 people agree with me? I state my case and don't hold back. I prefer ps3 and don't pretend to be unbiased. Besides, you tell me if you ever see me lying about anything in my comments. Lighten up dude

Salvadore5427d ago

Quit? I thought they sagged him because of the 1.1 billion loss.

THAMMER15427d ago (Edited 5427d ago )

Shadow Flare your a part of the problem on this site. we need Some RAID for the roaches.

XBOX 360 is doing great all around the world. The PS3 is picking up steam in the U.S. For real gamers it does not matter as long as we get to play great games.

SorenK5427d ago

He got a 1.5 million dollar signing bonus in addition to a half million dollar salary to pull him away from MS. Those aren't numbers for someone who got "sagged".

Ebay3rd5427d ago

Lets not turn this into a flame war guys, lets just say that Japan is a market where both Sony and MS are suffering so its important to make up some ground in that region to increase over all sales..

teh_tourist5427d ago

i want a salary like peter moores

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