sahar2435173d ago (Edited 5173d ago )

cant wait to see more!!
e3 maybe?

jahcure5173d ago

So the last pic wasn't a piece of fan art......WOW!

-Alpha5173d ago (Edited 5173d ago )

I just spent my time copying and pasting these pics in the last Killzone article :/

Damn it.

The game is sounding incredible and there seems to be a great amount of new gameplay: If they TRULY are focusing more on the story I am going to be SO happy. There is such a rich back history to Killzone that largely went underutilized in K2 for a more "Action" type of story.

Jetpacks sound fun for Single Player too:

Also, I REALLY feel like playing K2 but want to do it with proper teammates: if anyone is down for K2, email me and we'll start a party! -- Playing right now with Rememberthe357, just add me on PSN

darthv725173d ago

look at that texture detail...especially on the paper. lol j/k

this game will rock and i really hope sony re-does kz1 like they did with gow collection.

deafwing5173d ago

... I was thinking that first news post was bogus ... but I guess not. I already hear the out cries about it being on Earth the plot nick pickers who would bellow an outcry of "epic plot hole" ...

BannedForNineYears5173d ago

Hence my comment before,
"This isn't artwork. (Lol).
Looks legit."

Was I right or what? ^_^

Traveler5172d ago

It looks great. I can't wait to see actual video of it running. Killzone 2 is still one of my favorite shooters and I still play it to this day. I hope Sony has a great showing of Killzone 3 at E3.

nix5172d ago

i am not a FPS lover but i bought KZ2 because it looked too good. i'll be picking up KZ3 for sure! great news!

Cevapi885172d ago

is it just me or is the pic of the troops coming in on the oil rig in the air on water?? it might be ice...but it looks like it could be an oil rig or something on water...

deafwing5169d ago

that you were ...given all the new stuff out on it today :D

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kratos1235173d ago

i now man but im just wandering wich mag is this if any one knows please tell my

akiraburn5173d ago

I read somewhere that the next Gamepro issue was going to have a full blowout on KZ3, so this might be from that. In any case, all I can say is, woah! This is pretty awesome.

Shaman5173d ago

Looks very very nice...GG will probably nail winter atmosphere,cant wait for E3.

Mista T5173d ago (Edited 5173d ago )

they better improve the gameplay and controls, but PS Move should solve the control problem

but anyway graphically this looks way better than console version of crysis 2

and they need to concentrate more on the fun, it's a game right?

and before anyone brings anything up, I hate COD with a passion, there

BattleAxe5173d ago

Theres nothing wrong with the gameplay, its just a problem with your skills.

Mista T5173d ago

that's where your wrong my friend

it's like saying, "I'm better at riding my broken bicycle than you cause I have more skill"

D4RkNIKON5173d ago

Gameplay and controls were great in my opinion. I liked the weighty feel, not all games have to be COD twitch shooters.

Mista T5173d ago (Edited 5173d ago )

every fps has responsive controls, even old Duke Nukem 3D has responsive controls, what's your point?

don't want to sound arrogant here I just want a better explanation

UnwanteDreamz5173d ago (Edited 5173d ago )

Point is fast does not equal better. If the controls are the same for everyone and you can't excell at it then you lack the skills. Plain and simple. You wnat different controls go play Duke Nukem and let the millions who had no problem with the controls enjoy them.

If Killzone2 doesn't have responsive controls then I guess all those headshots I got in the MP were luck. Personally I can go from BC2 to Killzone2 with no problems.

Oner5173d ago (Edited 5173d ago )

FFS people are STILL misinformed about the delayed input timing issue...

"Weight" and a delayed input are not the same thing.

Thus "skill" or "twitch shooters" has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with this. Actually if you want to be exact those WITH skill noticed the issue while others who DON'T have real "skill" didn't!

"Weight" is fine in a game but the issue Killzone 2 had was not with "weight", it was a delayed input timing/coding issue that was resolved in a later update (2 separate things) and the game plays SOOOO much better after the adjustment. PLUS if you like the old/original way you DON'T have to enable the fix in the options so EVERYONE is still happy (well except those who are misinformed about confusing "skill" with "weight" & an improper coded timing issue).

moneygun25172d ago

Oner, you think we could get a source for you claim as you state the weight feel was a "code issue". Considering I cant recall GG ever stating anything remotely like that, but several articles stating there approach was a more authentic combat feel. But hey after 5 years of dev time, millions spent, im sureeeeeee they would MISS a bug that changed the way the game felt, ya know when you would PLAY IT!!!!

fuckitimout5172d ago

the weight system wasn't the issue, it was the deadzone/input that was the issue. I liked kz2 but I'm not gonna lie about the controls just cause I like it. Can't tell ppl sh*t though

Oner5171d ago (Edited 5171d ago )

What I find amazing is how people can notice the input lag in Natal & Move but can't see/won't admit the input lag that WAS in KZ2. But before I go any further I am a fan of Killzone 2 and I am a BIG Sony supporter, just check out my previous posts for confirmation along with my youtube vids showing ALL my Sony equipment and setup's (multiple HDTV's, 3 PS3's, 2 PS2's, 1 PSP, 2 Surround's and 1 Soundbar (to name a few and amongst other misc stuff like Digi Cams, etc. and so on).

Anyone who did not "see" the lag when CONFIRMED PROOF was given ~

and later acknowledged by GG in the PS forums back then. If you don't "see" the issue it is simply denial. PROOF has been given it is not a "weight" issue because AFTER the update that FIXED the input lag the "weight" is still prevalent. Thus that is the confirmation of input lag being the problem and NOT "weight". 2 SEPARATE THINGS.

nycredude5170d ago

MIsta T

It's you bro sorry to break it to you. I had absolutely no problem beating the game for the first time on hard and playing mp. I am sure plenty of other had the same experience. Don't cry cause you didn't like the controls. Killzone 1 had the same type of controls so i don't see why they would have changed it for 2. If you don't like it go play Mag, or BF:BC or halo, or COD.

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BattleAxe5173d ago

If this game comes out this year It will be a very merry christmas!

bnaked5173d ago