PSX Extreme: Tron: Evolution Preview

PSX Extreme writes: " Oh, and those Light Cycles? They’ll be back, of course. Remember how you’d zip around, leaving an impassable wall behind, attempting to cause your opponent to slam into it? Yeah, same type of idea, except this time, it won’t be so cut-and-dry. Evidently, you can lightly brush the wall or even bump off it, but we’re assuming that if you hit it hard enough, it’s Game Over. Man, I remember how fast this level could get in the old arcade game…it could turn your brain to oatmeal. Well, a lot of coin-op games back then did that. Anyway, Tron: Evolution could indeed cater to both the old-school fans and to new fans of the upcoming movie. And if they do it right, it could be a definite sleeper hit".

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