Eurogamer's interview with id Software

If you ask any PC gamer over a certain age to track their hobby through its most significant milestones, you can bet that at least one relates to id Software. For me it's more like half a dozen - the first time I loaded up the Quake shareware, my first network Quake experience, the Christmas morning I got Quake 2, playing it again on my first 3dfx card, Q3Test, actually managing to railgun Rupert more than once on Q3Tourney4. And I was a late developer. Apparently they made other games too. Doom or something. And let us not forget Dangerous Dave! Although that was Romero and Softdisk, really. But I'm getting off the point. Which is: id Software did more for PC gamers in the 1990s than virtually anyone.

Change abounds though, and in 2007 things are very different. The PC's no longer the primary platform for technology, let alone a mature audience. It's provoked big changes at the Texas developer, which will see id Tech 5 - the company's latest licensable game technology - catering to PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 alike. With all this in mind, we sat down with CEO Todd Hollenshead and lead designer Tim Willits at E3 last week to discuss the changing face of technology and game development, the latest news on its games old and new, current trends like Microsoft's Games for Windows and Nintendo's ambition to bring gamers together, and what to expect from QuakeCon.

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