Will playing games create a two-tier society?

On standard tests that measure attention span and information-processing time, Green found that gamers consistently outperformed nongamers.

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MyNutsYourChin5429d ago (Edited 5429d ago )

The question posed at the end of the article is very interesting. In my opinion, I do not think that a social divide will emerge. There are four other senses also involved in perception and while our visual sense may be the dominant one we use it's not necessarily the best to use in all cases.

A simple example would be when it's night/pitch black. How are the visually literate going to react when their most reliable sense is diminshed/taken away? They would no longer have a massive advantage.

The other argument I have against this inquiry is the not so obvious visual inadequacies we as human beings are plagued with. Visual illusions surround us whether we know it or not. Our ability to interpret the world visually is corrupted by our own minds by what we "think" we see.

For example, check out this link to a visual illusion.

The squares A and B are the same brightness (or "color" as they say in the description). Don't believe it? Print it out, fold the paper, and prove it to yourself.

MyNutsYourChin5427d ago

Will playing games create a two-tier society?