Why games based on upcoming movies get a thumbs down

"With consumers and loyal gamers watching their wallets closely, it would be wise for game developers to really think about the movie-themed games they are pushing on a market of gamers that will not give these game another glance and instead save their money for Red Dead Redemption or Alan Wake. These movie-inspired games can be better if more thought is placed on creative rather than trying to make a quick buck. "

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Blaze9293075d ago

Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sands is kinda boring so far

jzungre3075d ago

Is very much not Persian.

AlexC3075d ago

All throughout Iron Man 2, I kept thinking to myself, "Man, this would make an awesome game!" But I didn't even need to read a single review of the game to know it'd be terrabad :P

barefootgamer3075d ago

So, which is worse? A game based on a movie? Or a movie based on a game? Or are they just equally terribad? ;)

ChickeyCantor3074d ago

What about this.

A movie based on a franchise where the latest installment of the franchise uses a model for the lead character that looks like the actor from the movie that was based on the franchise.


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