How the PlayStation 3 Reformed a Pirate

The somewhat long (but allegedly worth reading) tale of how a humble, rickety PS3 fat taught me about my responsibility toward the gaming community, and radically changed my outlook on piracy for the better.

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ClownBelt3257d ago

The Piracy in the Phillipines is mind boggling. Even the malls there sell pirated games.

jjacinto233257d ago

when i went last 2007 i was at the mall somewhere in metro-manila and they got hacking station for psp

ThanatosDMC3257d ago

It was on CNN when they busted a lot of pirated goods and fake merchandise. Truckloads of stuff were taken. But that was a year or so ago.

itchy183257d ago

this is so true! and im from Philippines!

badz1493257d ago

make that most of South-east Asia except maybe just Singapore! games, except for the PS3, are too cheap here! (you know why)

3257d ago
Bereaver3256d ago (Edited 3256d ago )

The Philippines is good when it comes to pirated stuff but China is better.

I can go to the main electronics area and walk right up to over 50 shops and have an xbox 360, wii, psp, or nds setup to play pirated games. (I know psp and nds doesn't require hardware modding, just custom firmware, or a cartridge.

And they always have giant folders (one for each system) set right up on the counter of all the pirated games they sell. Just take a pick.

Oh and just to say, you can buy a DVD here for around $0.57 (the lowest I have seen in Shanghai, 4 RMB each).

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MiamiACR3257d ago ShowReplies(2)
Nicholas Cage3257d ago

reform that pirate and do a red forman on his @ss.

jerethdagryphon3257d ago

good article
ps3 has done that too my friends as well

pirates to legits

ipe3257d ago (Edited 3257d ago )

with only few originals like shadow of colossus,ico,re4... u get the pic, about 10 originals and 250 pirates.

now im on ps3, only originals baby ,20 and counting

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The story is too old to be commented.