Microsoft Still Can't Quit Japan

Microsoft is a glutton for Japanese punishment. Think the company is going to give up? Not in this life, brother! Shane Kim, Microsoft corporate vice prez., says they will continue push on in Japan, a region that has been less than ethusiastic about the Xbox 360.

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Bill Gates4108d ago

That picture is PERFECT...

Think about it. The waters are rising, and Xbox360 is going to DROWN along with all the XBOTS....HHAHHAHHAHAHHHAHHHA

cuco334108d ago

don't you have something worthy of posting? like at least once?! do all your comments have to be stupid all the time?

Daewoodrow4108d ago

don't worry cuco, nobody even listens to him anymore. His stupidity is a fact of life now, a bad thing that has to happen with the good, sort of like knowing you're going to die, breathing out carbon dioxide, and taking a crap.

FordGTGuy4108d ago

They will keep going and even till the next generation.

Blankman4108d ago

As far as i am concerned, mosft prioritized getting the American market far too much. They should have tried getting what japanese gamers wanted from the start. They were out a whole yr before ps3 they could have done a better job if they had planned adequately in getting this region but like i said japan is not a priority for them

Ebay3rd4108d ago

All it takes is one great Japanese game and then sales will increase, from what i have seen Japan is on an entirely different gaming level, So in order to increase sales in that region someone is going to have to think outside the proverbial "BOX"

felidae4108d ago (Edited 4108d ago )

why should they quit? that would be stupid. maybe some day there's that special game coming out for the 360 that turns everything around.

and even if not ... they already sold consoles in japan so why should they leave the gamers over there with nothing?

:: please give a man a bubble :-)

FeralPhoenix4108d ago

What people don't understand is that M$ does not have to "win"(sell the most consoles) in Japan(impossible really)....all they need to do is have a decent market share in Japan. I don't think they are quite at a respectable level yet....but hey its Japan, and all it takes is that one title, that one game that may sell a decent amount of hardware and it will indeed propel the 360 into a respectable market share in Japan. Every console sold in a region where M$ is all but garuanteed to lose is a small victory....and not to sound arrogant but the truth is in the big picture M$ does not need Japan, all they need to do is "survive" in Japan, quiting would tell the world "I give up, cause we're not good enough." -No, they'll keep fighting, and thats what dev's want to see, and so far Japanese devs have started to notice.

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