Square Enix shows new Final Fantasy III FMV

Square Enix has released a brand new Final Fantasy III video on their official website for the Nintendo DS game.

The stunning footage shows both Full Motion Video (FMV) and in-game scenes. The RPG is coming to the US for the first time on September 12, 2006.

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specialguest5397d ago

i can't believe the DS is getting a FF series before the PSP. i guess it's more profitable after all. damn, i might have to go buy me a used DS.

DC RID3R5396d ago

then that just goes to show that ur a sony punk as*B*cth!!!!!

DONT U KNOW that the psp ain't worth sh*T????

the only good thing about the psp is the screen!!!

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FULL STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

$200 worth of cow SH*T is the psp!!!!!!!

specialguest5396d ago

hey b*tch! what is up with your fcuking name calling? i have my own reasons for buying a PSP. that doesn't make me a punk @ss b*tch! you've just lost all respect from me now.

DC RID3R5396d ago

then that means the $200 system is in deep DOO-DOO!!!!!!!!!!

MySwordIsHeavenly5394d ago

Dude, you need to stop being a freakin' jerk! The psp is selling faster than the DS lite and will catch up with it soon enough. FF III will TOTALLY sell the DS very well...because...i mean, have you seen the footage? It's a great game! The PSP is worth buying because it actually HAS some good games (valkyrie profile, locoroco, syphon filter). The DS is good for smaller people who haven't gotten into a lot of technology yet, people who enjoy the mario games...AGAIN AND AGAIN, metroid prime: hunters <GREAT GAME, and grown-ups who want to learn to read. Isn't that special?

The DS is fantastic, and...wait...DC rider 360. When was the last time you played a Final Fantasy game? number 10 maybe? I'm TIRED of morons like yourself dissing everyone else about their systems...when all you play is FPS's...because i'm sure your 360 lovin' arse ONLY PLAYS THOSE. Which is fine actually, but DON'T diss the rest of us for loving creativity!

The Real Deal5394d ago

This site needs to get rid of guys like you. Always calling people names and bashing people. This site is about game discussions. Not name calling and harassment. Sony fans. Come on. Stop with the name calling.

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