E4G: Red Dead Redemption Review

Dusan Pavlovic at E4G writes "Somewhere in the library of heavily underused settings in video games are Wild West and Steampunk one next to the other. Sure, we had games like Call of Juarez, Damnation and even Red Steel 2 but RDR completely devotes it's time and style to present you one top notch adventure set in the Western setting."

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dardinkay3098d ago

Still debating on which console to get it on, any help?

Pennywise3098d ago

Get it on the console your friends play on the most.

Get it on the console that you will use the most.

Whichever console you get it for, you will not know the difference. I have it on the PS3 and it runs fine.

Pennywise3098d ago (Edited 3098d ago )

@1.2 - (I will figure out reply system one day lol)

That is FALSE. I have no idea what the 360 version looks like, but I have played horrible ports and this game is not one of them.

I have played this game for hours each night... get it for the console you know will withstand the use ;P

dardinkay3098d ago

:P okay will do, I thought I was going to go through another Bayonetta stage lol...

bunfighterii3098d ago

Yeah I got PS3 it runs fine. Frame rate does slow down a bit though.

dardinkay3098d ago

That is the problem, I have both and I have equal amount of friends on both of the consoles. I heard the PS3 got ported horribly, is that true?

-Alpha3098d ago (Edited 3098d ago )

Dardin, if friends aren't going to make a difference then you'll have to rely on the superior version:

The PS3 version is Sub-HD so if you really want the superior version the 360 version is the one to get.

Note that the PS3 version comes with two free outfits or something like that, though that may come to the 360 eventually.


I'm telling him the facts. Just because you can't stand the 360 getting any sort of praise doesn't change the facts of my comment. Also, nice jab: "get it for the console you know will withstand the use" And your calling me out on MY comment?

Did I say NOT to get a game if it's Sub-HD? I said that if you WANT the version that's the best and friends don't make a difference then the 360 version would likely be the best for him. Of course you can't notice the resolutions unless side by side but if he has both consoles and friends don't make a difference shouldn't he get the version that looks better? I'm so sick and tired of YOUR kind, jealously getting yourself upset over ANY sort of 360 news that goes over the PS3. Grow up. The PS3 version is Sub-HD. The 360 version isn't. Also, I have my eyes set on the PS3 version simply because my friends are on it so you can take your assumption about me not playing SubHD games and shove it ;)

Pennywise3098d ago

Alpha, so I guess you didn't buy AW or SCC... both SubHD. I am so sick of your kind.

You can't notice the resolution unless you have both running side by side. And even then... can you notice? Superior

Downtown boogey3097d ago

The PS3 version also has an extra area called "Folly gang hideout", but I agree, I'd still get it for the 360 if you have both consoles. I, for one, am not gonna get it at all.

Rucury3098d ago (Edited 3098d ago )

I own the PS3 version of the game and have been playing for about 20 hours.

I have to say, the game looks amazing on the PS3, but to be honest, I've bumped into more glitches than I would care to admit about a game this good...

If the 360 version is any less glitch-full then I would guess getting that one would be the best decision.

Screw the Sub-HD crap, the PS3 version looks very good.

In the end, I guess it comes down to the multiplayer. If most of your friends game on the 360, that's the one. Same goes for the PS3. Also, if you prefer any controller, it would weigh in the decision...

The PS3 has some exclusive content coming soon, I believe.

Official General3097d ago (Edited 3097d ago )

This a totally true opinion and experience of mine, and no fanboy talk. I was really nervous and anticipating getting the PS3 version as I only own a PS3 and I was really scared this version was gonna be as bad as all these guys are saying, thats for real. But.....

I'm playing the game now on the PS3 on my 20' Sony Bravia HD TV in native 720p. Red Dead Redemption looks nothing bad like some haters are saying it is on the PS3. It looks just fine to me, it looks just like how I expected it to look. The graphics are not the best I've seen on the PS3 but the art direction, environments and natural scenery in the game looks incredible. I did not see any pop-ins or blurriness at all. The textures, detail and colours are just fine and more than good enough. There is a slight framerate issue thats all I've noticed. I really think there has been a big deal made out of these PS3 vs 360 version comparisons. The PS3 version will always look slightly different to the 360 version as they both different machines, it's that obvious. But there is hardly any kind of difference here. It seems like the 360 fanatics are clutching on straws on this one, they know the PS3 in general produces better graphics (especially with exclusives) and they wanna make noise and say one multi-plat game is better on their machine. Try again! There is nothing wrong with the PS3 version, dont listen to these haters. Play the PS3 version in full 720p HD and see for yourself. This is just pure hate, the PS3 version is just fine!

BannedForNineYears3098d ago

I say PS3 if you're not a graphics whore.....
PS3 has the exclusive content.
PS3 has missing foliage though...

BannedForNineYears3098d ago

Disagreeing with the facts ftw!

bjornbear3098d ago

before it becomes a safety hazard.

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Traveler3098d ago

I got it for the 360 and it looks fantastic. I really am in love with this game right now. It's so good.


same here...

love the game, my only problem with it is I feel the controls for the horse riding could have been better.

As for which to get, I own both but got the 360 version because I have more friends on the 360.

It simply comes down to you finding your own best insentive. If you have equal number of friends on both, get the one with the extra content. if you prefer the 360 controller, get it for the 360. if you prefer the ps3 controller get it for the ps3.

don't let all this rubbish about the screen res put you off - but if you really are that picky, well rent both games for a night play them side by side and then make your choice.

keep in mind there have been plenty of big titles on both systems that have not really been full HD res.. none notices anything when playing the actual games. It's only when some nurd with a magnifying glass has the time to start counting pixels, then the rest of the fanboy forces on both sides start playing up.

in my book this game deserves all the praise and positive attention it got, it was a shame it was spoilt by the it's better on this system then this system crap ( even when the differences are not worth time spent arguing about them )

anyway, back to hogtying those bandit women and leaving them on the train track !