New Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2, Tenkaichi Tag Team Scan

Three brand new scans, from the VJump magazine, of Dragon Ball Raging Blast 2 have been released. Also one new scan of Dragon Ball Z: Tenkaichi Tag Team has been revealed. The scans for Raging Blast 2 stress the speed of the game, and show off Super Saiyan Goku while the Tenkaichi Tag Team scans feature the characters Gohan and Krillen.

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Sigh3098d ago

I'll wait for Raging Blast 3 when they have ALL DBZ fighters that ever existed.

Mew3098d ago (Edited 3098d ago )

Raging blast series is bullshit. Bring back Budokai.

ABizzel13098d ago

Bring back Budokai, part 3 was the best game to me.

Mew3098d ago

Oops! I meant Budokai, lol.

Blaze9293098d ago

I don't see why they don't pull an Activision and rotate the DBZ games every year with Spike and Dimps. Budokai/Burst Limit one year then Raging Blast/Tenkaichi the next year.

Gives each developer 2 years to work on DBZ games which they desperately need to start doing because the games are beginning to suck hard.

tayz3098d ago

that would be smart. Raging Blast one year then Burst Limit the other. And maybe throw in an RPG one year from a totally different dev...maybe Square-Enix

Michael-Jackson3098d ago

They did, look how burst limit turned out, It sucked! I would like to see a Burst Limit 2 though.