Halo 3 EGM leak: massive new features

Photographs of the August edition of EGM have revealed massive new features for Halo 3. A multiplayer map editor (like the keys to the city mode in crackdown), massive mobile bases, new weapons (gravity hammer, one handed shotgun!), huge new single player encounters, and brand new vehicles!

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Nicosia5428d ago

Mm..wish they where higher res though. But what i have seen its pretty cool.

crazyman5428d ago

some realy cool stuff, I just wish i could see it.

but looks like theres a human version of the banshee and only 2 player offline co-op though

ANoobsJourney5428d ago

I can't see nothin, but blurry words, and pictures.


Bungie says its trying for online co-op, but it may have to be released as a patch post-release

ben hates you5428d ago

i like EGM i just don't like they're rumor mill

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The story is too old to be commented.